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Islam and Science
 Islam is unfairly attacked and always presented as a religion of backwardness . in this short article , we will show the true face of Islam and how it ,Contrary to ancient religions ,can be hailed the religion of science ; there are many verses that urge Moslems to search and read .

Seeking science in Islam is given the main priority over any thing else, it should be the target of every Moslem since the very beginning and it should not be halted for any reason . prophet Mohummed says :Seek science since the time you are in the cradle to the time when you die “

Also , seeking science is stressed in Islam , the first revealed verse in the Holy Quran is the verse which says ” Read ….” , also Allah(SWT) says in the Holy Quran what means “Nun. By the pen andthat which they write (therewith) ” Science is the capstone of Islam , the first revealed verse means the first priority , in the second verse, Allah(SWT) swears by one of the Arabic letters ” Nun ” and the pen ; the letter is the symbol of the language and the pen is the symbol of knowledge . WhenAllah(SWT) swears , though He needn’t to swear , this means that the thing he swears by should be given much interest and attention .

 Allah said: ” Will We show them Our Miracles in horizons, and within themselves, until it becomes quite clear to them that this is the Truth. Is it not sufficient as regards your God that He is witness over all things”/ quran/ 41 / 53/ Surat Fussilat



Holy Mysteries – Secrets of the Kaaba 


And praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds!


 The World of Ice

A Beautiful Documentary in English by Harun Yahya titled “The World of Ice


The Amazing Qur’an

A highly recommended talk given by Gary Miller on the Quran.


Islam and Science Islamic Video

And praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds!


The Scientific Precision of the Qur’an

Dr Zaghloul Mohammad Al Najjar is an Egyptian scholar and a prominent figure in scientific miraculousness in the Quran, He had been chosen the Dubai International Holy Quran Award’s (DIHQA) Islamic Personality of 2006.

Dr. Zaghloul Al Najjar has a PhD from Wales University in geology, specialising in micropalaeontology. He has worked in a variety of Universities around the world and currently is a Professor at King Saud University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The Topic: The Scientific Precision of the Qur’an

Prof Zaghloul Al-Najjar speaks to an audience regarding the scientific facts revealed in the Qur’an at Lecture Theatre, University Hospital of Wales Cardiff. 2nd Feb, 1999.


Quran Miracle:Iron sent down from space (Discovery Channel)

Scientific Miracles in the Noble Quran


Former Christian Jamal Zarabozo finds Quran fascinating


A nice talk about the Quran and why this former Christian found it so fascinating that he ended up becoming
a Muslim (one who submitted himself to God Almighty Almone) to learn more visit andto find out more
on Islam you can also call 877-why-Islam please tell your friends about the new show TheDeenShow


85 year old New Muslim

Help everyone see the beauty of Islam share this Video with all your friends. this is James he finally found the way of life that the Creator God Almighty wants him to live and that’s Islam. This is truly a wonderful story to see more of our shows visit


 Top American Surgeon embraced Islam

This is an incredible story about an Atheist who found God then tried very hard to be a Christian
andyou have to watch the show to find out the rest. This is a great story you’ll love it. Share this Video with everyone you know. Open your mind humble your heart and enjoy this weeks new show to see more of our shows visit


 Islam: The Religion Of Truth by Abdur Raheem Green


How do we know Islam is the religion from Allah? How do we know Islam is the truth (haqq)? Over fourteen hundred years ago a man came and called people towards the pure and beautiful religion of Islam. He was Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Aali-hi Wa Sallam) the last andfinal messenger sent by Allah to guide mankind.

Today, many people claim to act upon the deen of Islam, yet how many people act upon it with certainty?

Born in Dar-es-salaam in Tanzania to British parents, Green’s father (born in England), Gavin Green, was a colonial administrator in the then extant British Empire. At an early age he moved back to the UK with his parents. His mother is of original Polish origin.


Evolution vs Blind Termites

For atheists who disown their Creator because of being unable to see.
And uses the “evil-lotion” to ignore the facts.
These termites are giving a hidden message for you.
A clear evidence for the
“POWER behind the curtain”
WHO IS controlling these unconcious,blind termites.


American Science student convert to Islam  


Many people find that Science and the Religion of Islam go hand and hand.


The Sudden Death


Prophet Mohammad (Peace and blessing be upon him) said: (One of resurrection day’s signs is the appearance of abrupt death) (according to Attabarani). A scientific miracle appears in this prophetic tradition that will be proven by undisputable medical facts, this miracle certifies that Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) is a messenger sent by the almighty God, never utters by preconception (by his own inclination); lkcu89 each word he uttered was of God inspiration.

United Nations organization informs us everyday about numbers of those who die due to cerebral apoplexies and cardiac arrest, these numbers increase continuously, and statistics say that cardiac diseases are the main cause of death universally.

Through this research we will find that no one in Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) age could  imagine that there will be a time in which the abrupt death increases except if the prophet  was inspired by God ,who  instructed him these sciences.

The First One to Study This Phenomenon Scientifically

The abrupt death phenomenon is relatively a recent phenomenon, and the first study of it is the study of Framingham (Framingham heart study), that began in 1948 AD, half of those who participated in this study are now  dead , and their death cases have been studied precisely, and Framingham defines the abrupt death as it is the death which occurs within an hour after symptoms onset. It was found that several sudden death cases are resulted from cardiac coronary artery diseases which called Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD). He demonstrated that men within the age range of 45-75 years old who died of cardiac diseases, 60% of them have died suddenly!! (2).

The study also demonstrated that the abrupt death is due to a kind of  a sudden disturbance that might be caused by psychological reasons, no matter what intensive care is taken, and even if the patient was to be rescued by all means, this kind of death achieves its task successfully! (2).

Football Player Suddenly dies


Watch this Amazing episode of TheDeenShow to learn

Do you really have peace in your heart?
Are you truly happy in life?
Do you really know the purpose of your life?
Is that all that you do with your life play games, workout,talk on the phone about nothing, x-box,drugs, partying,listening to same song 100 times in your car, chasing girls,teasing boys, aren’t you sick of this? Do you really want to be the old man or old women in the Club?
Aren’t you ready to live your true purpose in life and work on your soul and truly have peace and purpose in life because you’ll finally know your doing the right thing?
Watch this video with and open heart and an open mind and if your sincerely looking for peace and purpose in life this video will be your first step in attaining that true peace and purpose and at the end of it all the ultimate reward , Paradise.
Share this video with everyone and to learn more visit
thank you for your time and willingness to learn the truth.
 American convert to Islam


Former believing Christian embraces Islam and now shares Allah’s message of salvation and love with you.
Mohammad – The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
Mohammad – The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
Why Youth Minister chose Islam? Gracie Jiujitsu selfdefense
In this Show I’ll talk with a Former Christian Youth minister and hear why he chose to Accept Islam.We also have a mailbag with Shaykh Yusuf Estes and the all new self Defense workshop. Open your mind humble your heart and enjoy the program
Romanian and loving Islam
Share this Video with your friends its about How a Romanian went from being a Christian
to finding Islam as the way of life that is from the Creator of all.Share this Video with your friends and to learn more visit
ISlam: The Science !
Muslims don`t look islam as a normal religion, but as a whole system of Life, which gives all answers about this life and hereafter.
The Prophet Muhammad’s Last Sermon
The Last Sermon of the Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) is known as Khutbatul Wada’ (the farewell sermon) to the Muslims who had accompanied him (saw) for the Hajj towards the end of his life. It is mentioned in almost all books of Hadith. This sermon was delivered in front of a large gathering of people, on the Ninth Day of Dhul-Hijjah 10 A.H. (during the Hajj), in the ‘Uranah valley of Mount Arafat’ in Makkah.

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