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Are there other universes ?

   Dr Hosny Hemdan Hamama

Translated by : Magdy Abd Al-Shafy


Though humanity gas reached a respectable degree of knowledge , they did not got every thind and many secrets are there unlocked .

God says in the holy Quran what means “Then praise be to Allah, Lord of the heavens and Lords of the earth, the Lord of the Worlds. And unto Him (alone) belongeth majesty in the heavens and the earth, and He is the Mighty, the Wise.( AL-Gathya 36-37)

“Praise be to Allah ” is translation of ” Al-Hamd li Allah ” , this what Moslems’ tongue repeats in the their prayers , at least repeated seventeen times in 24 hours .The early Moslem explainers gave an interpretation to the word (the worlds ) that reflects their broadmindedness as we will show . Our universe ,that is immensely large and in complete state of harmony has a diameter of 30,000 light year ( to understand this huge number , imagine that you travel at the speed of light (300,000 km per second ) , it will take you 30 milliards years to reach the furthest point in the universe .

Astrophysics scientists are completely preoccupied with the query ” is there a another different world other than that lies in our circle of perception; what the dimensions of the universe are , if they are existent ..though we don’t see them ….but most likely they are there as we don’t see all that are remaining there and we can’t see every entity .

God says what means And unto Him (alone) belongeth majesty in the heavens and the earth, and He is the Mighty, the Wise. That it is indeed the speech of an illustrious messenger.”( Al-Haka :38-39). Scientists are of the opinion that our universe might be a thin layer in the whole of the universe . ( figure (1))

The opinions of the early exegetes

  • AL-Kourtby says , in his collection of Quran exegesis , say that the exegetes areof different opinion concerning the quranic word ” THE WORLDS”
  • Katada , an early Quran exegete , says the” Al-alameen , rendered in English ” worlds ” refers to all that are here or there other than God and it is always plural .
  • The son of Ibn Abas says that the word refers to both humans and jinnee , so it is plural .
  • Wahab Ibn Monaba says that God has created eighteen thousand worlds and  that our world is one of them .
  • Saed Al-Khodary says that God has created forty thousand worlds and the whole of the earth , including all the creatures are one of them .

So many tantalizing queries about the possibility of the existence of other worldshave already been surfaced among scientific circles .

Among these questions are :

*Are there any other worlds governed by laws different from that which govern our world ?

  • *Where does the light travel faster than its known speed ?
  • *Where can we find the power of gravitystronger than that we know ?
  • *Where can we find the nuclear bonds less strong than that we know ?
  • *Where can we find electrons less in charge than that we know ?
  • *Where can we find universe different from ours ?
  • *Where can we find world without all the known chemical elements -except Hydrogen and helium- than that we know .
  • *Where can we find a universe without stars ?
  • *Where can we find that atoms that contain the anti-protons and the anti-neutrons whish go round the Positron?
  • *Where can time recede back ?
  • *Where can all powers be unified ?

A lot of scientists think that there are universes other than ours , among those are Max Tugmart , Goal Kremier , Susan Wealze and David Hoytawes . The twin of our galaxy , 10 28 meters away from us ,is among these models that scientists predict its existence .

Max Tugmart says that the parallel universes are not just fictions , they are applications based on our cosmological studies .

The Malkuth between Quran and Science

What really astonished me is that I found the holy Quran words always in scientists mind when trying to express something fully especially the word ” Malkuth ” , which is originally Arabic word that was repeated several times in the Holy Quran .

 John G. Cramer wrote: “Gene Wolfe has suggested that if our own universe is not all of Creation! But only one bubble out of many in the stream of Time, then calling it “The Universe” is no longer sufficient. We need a Name for it. He suggested “Malkuth“, which is the Cabbalist name for “world”. But I find Malkuth rather unappealing; it sounds too much like “uncouth” and would give completely the wrong impression of our Universe to an outsider”.

 If he knew that the word is mentioned in the Holy , he would not describe it as a harsh word , I wish he had heard the word in the Holy Quran and fully understood it .

God says in the Holy Quran what means”Have they not considered the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and what things Allah hath created, and that it may be that their own term draweth nigh? In what fact after this will they believe? ( Al-Araf:185)

Also God says in the Holy Quran what means”Say: In Whose hand is the dominion over all things and He protecteth, while against Him there is no protection, if ye have knowledge?( AL-Moenoun :88)Therefor glory be to Him in Whose hand is the dominion over all things! Unto Him ye will be brought back.( Yasin :83)

Suzanne Willis discussed the topic of parallel universe that dates back to the very beginning of universe and said that the universes may be separated according to the separated theories in two important ways :the first way happened in the stage of the huge inflation of the universe in  which a small part of the  universe was expanded so large (figure 1) and it is possible that other parts in the universe did the same thing and developed giving  other worlds . In the shade of the other way and according to quantum theory the parallel universes had come into being because of Quantum event .


Figure (10) theuniverses as imagined by scientists

Max Tugmark has delved into the theories of physics which is concerned with  the parallel universes which are classified into four levels that can allow continuous variations . the following are levels of the of the parallel universes :

  • *The fist level : worlds that are governed by the same physics and the constants of our world physics yet the development of its material might be different
  • *The second level of different physics constants and time dimensions from that we have in our universe.
  • *The third level : every quantummay lead various copies.
  • *The fourth level : has it own different laws of physics.

Figure (10) theuniverses as imagined by scientists

Max Tugmark has delved into the theories of physics which is concerned with  the parallel universes which are classified into four levels that can allow continuous variations . the following are levels of the of the parallel universes :

*The fist level : worlds that are governed by the same physics and the constants of our world physics yet the development of its material might be different

*The second level of different physics constants and time dimensions from that we have in our universe.

*The third level : every quantummay lead various copies.

*The fourth level : has it own different laws of physics.


Well-protected Repository and Specific Period

( Have We not created you from a fluid (held) despicable? ٭  The which We placed in a place of rest, firmly fixed,  ٭For a period (of gestation), determined (according to need)? ٭For We do determine (according to need); for We are the Best to determine (things).٭Ah woe, that Day, to the Rejecters of Truth!   ) AL MURSALAT(20.24)

Through this miraculous structure , Allah states two stable scientific facts related to embryology , anatomy  and instinction. The first fact declares that verses describe the uterus as a well-protected repository .The second one refers to the constant age of the pregnancy, approximately, as mentioned in the Qur’an as definite period.

The Qur’an invites everyone to research and    contemplate  in the secrets of these two facts , as presented in the following details.

protected repository

( Man We did create from a quintessence (of clay); (13) Then We placed him as (a drop of) sperm in a place of rest, firmly fixed )SURAH AL MU’MINUN  p 342.

The tiny drop can be seen by naked eyes by using the telescope. Allah placed it in safe repository then it is formed and is reproduced to make this great construction. By specific period , the drop has whatever it needs of nourishment, water and oxygen. It stays in a safe , immune and comfortable place and under strong protection from any internal or external effect. The uterus is really a well-protected repository .The story is very interesting and it is hard not to glorify Allah as one can realize the coherence of the different mechanisms which exchange in each phase of embryo development to make always the uterus a safe place.


  Firstly, The uterus is situated in the pelvis between the bladder in the front and the rectum in the back . The uterus consists of three parts anatomically . They are the body , the cervix  and the middle portion, Isthmus, which links between them.

  Secondly , the uterus is surrounded by a very strong and muscular walls called the pelvis .The pelvis consists of group of thick bones which are sacrum and coccyx in the back and hipbones from the both sides and they extend to fuse to form pubis . This strong muscular construction does not only protect the uterus from all sorts of external stress or bruise , but also it form an anatomic construction and arrangement to please the fetus and to be suitable for its growth, size and shape . When the embryo develops into a  healthy fetus and grows thousand times , the pelvis allows it to pass  easily to the abroad world through the vulva . Any disorder in the pelvis’ shape or size may causes difficult or impossible delivery . At this sense, it is necessary to extract the baby by surgical operation called cesarean.

  Thirdly, the uterus’ ligaments come from different parts of the uterus to join the pelvic bones or the abdominal wall. Its function is to hold the uterus and to keep its special position to suit the pregnancy and delivery . The uterus is the shape of upside-down pear, its wide portion is in the top while its thin portion is in the bottom ,and its body protrudes into its neck with light angle from the front. The ligaments protect the uterus from inversion to the back , the front or down when its weight increases to thousand times. There are two round and another transverse ligaments as well as the anterior and posterior ligaments. It is sufficient to know that they hold the uterus whose weight increases from 50 Ib ,before pregnancy, into 5325 Ib including its offspring. The uterine inversion may be a cause of infertility as the drop cannot pass through such uterus. It could be a cause of the miscarriage if it happened after the pregnancy.

Hormonically :

 The fetus is protected from uteral spasms by increasing the rate of the progesterone which raises the threshold of contractions of the uterine muscle fibers .The strong contractions may cause the death of the fetus or throwing it out. The progesterone is a member in the hormone balance committee and exists during the pregnancy. This committee consists of the gonadotrophic hormone which works as supervisor and the progesterone which has a direct effect. The members of the committee cooperate and consultant together to provide the fetus with the security and the durability in its well-protected fortress. Let’s briefly enjoy their story.

  The chorionic villi sends the gonadotrophic hormone to the corpus letuem to inform it of the arrival of the fertilized ovum in the uterus and to prepare the uterus to do what should be done for hospitality. The hormone has the direct effect on blood to save the offspring’s demands . As we mentioned before , the progesterone raises the threshold of the contractions of the uterine muscles, so they contract a little to have the fetus adjusted in the uterus .The corpus letuem stops producing hormones and begins to be atrophic in the third month of pregnancy. Through this time , the placenta has been already formed to replace the corpus letuem’s function of producing the increasing demands of hormones for  pregnancy. So, the cooperation appears between the hormone committee and what replaces it to complete its function.

Reference : “With medicine in the holy Qur’an” by Dr. Abdel Hamid &Dr. Ahmed Azo’oz,in the Qur’an science administration,in Damascus.


…Allah said: ” Will We show them Our Miracles in horizons, and within themselves, until it becomes quite clear to them that this is the Truth. Is it not sufficient as regards your God that He is witness over all things”

There is no God except Allah > Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah



The Memory of Cells


By Dr Noha Abo-Kresha & Abd AlDa’em Al-Kaheel

With an addition by Magdy Abd Al-Shafy

Translated By Dr Ahamed Sattar

Translation Reviewed By Mr Magdy Abd Al-Shafy


The Holy Quran , the eternal Book , is the Book that leads to the belief in God , It gives no room to doubt .On reading the Holy Quran you can see and feel verses overflowing with miracles -Among these miracles are the scientific miracles . As we live now in the age of science , The Holy Quran -as it was its habit -challanges this age of science  with scientific facts that were revealed more than one thousand years ago . In the Holy Quran you can find scientific miracles relating to every branch of science . These miracles are meant to  prove that the Holy Quran is God’s Book. Among the newly discovered miracles in the Holy Quran is what is scientifically known as The memory of cells .In a short jurney , we will live with these verses and ponder about the latent meanings in them , then we we will compare them with the newly discovered facts about the memory of cells .

Verses in the Holy Quran that deserves pondering and speculation

God (Allah) says in the Holly Qur’an what means :

((For, Believers are those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a tremor in their hearts, and when they hear His signs rehearsed, find their faith strengthened, and put (all) their trust in their Lord)) verse 1  Surah  Spoils Of War, Booty

This great Verse is a sign denotinghow theheart works, many scientists say that the heart isa just a pump of blood only and it hasnothing to do with emotions or feelings

 Allah says also what means : ((Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah. For without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction)) Verse 28,Surah the Thunder


Also Says ( That He may make the suggestions thrown in by Satan, but a trial for those in whose hearts is a disease and who are hardened of heart: verily the wrong-doers are in a schism far (from the Truth)))

((And that those on whom knowledge has been bestowed may learn that the (Qur’an) is the Truth from thy Lord, and that they may believe therein, and their hearts may be made humbly (open) to it: for verily Allah is the Guide of those who believe, to straight way))Verses 53, 54 Surah the Pilgrimage

Also ((Is one whose heart Allah has opened to Islam, so that he has received Enlightenment from Allah, (no better than one hard-hearted)? Woe to those whose hearts are hardened against celebrating the praises of Allah. They are manifestly wandering (in error)!))


((Allah has revealed (from time to time) the most beautiful Message in the form of a Book, consistent with itself, (yet) repeating (its teaching in various aspects): the skins of those who fear their Lord tremble thereat; then their skins and their hearts do soften to the celebration of Allah’s praises. Such is the guidance of Allah. He guides there with whom He pleases, but such as Allah leaves to stray, can have none to guide)). Verses 22, 23 the Troops, Throngs


(( Has not the Time arrived for the Believers that their hearts in all humility should engage in the remembrance of Allah and of the Truth which has been revealed (to them), and that they should not become like those to whom was given Revelation a foretime, but long ages passed over them and their hearts grew hard? For many among them are rebellious transgressors)). Verse 16, Surah 57. Iron


From all the above Verses we can see that the heart is far more than a simple pump of blood but it can be involved in perception, cognition, and emotional processing as fear, love.

In the next paragraphs we will prove according to scientific evidence and through stories from the west media, published in the most famous newspapers and magazines that the heart is not only a pump, which will lead us to the conclusion that Qur’an is a book from Allah Who knows every secret in the hearts.


Allah also says (( Has not the Time arrived for the Believers that their hearts in all humility should engage in the remembrance of Allah and of the Truth which has been revealed (to them), and that they should not become like those to whom was given Revelation a foretime, but long ages passed over them and their hearts grew hard? For many among them are rebellious transgressors.)) Verse 16 Surah 57. Iron


In 29th of May 1988 a successful heart and lung transplantation was done on a women called Claire Sylvia, these were taken from an 18 -year old male who died because of a road traffic accident, after Claire’s recovery she started to behave like a male and began to eat some food that she could not tolerate before such as green pepper, beer and chickens. When she met the family of that man they said ” her behaviour is exactly the same as their son!!!”

Some scientists ignore this story, others took it as evidence to what is called today the Cell Memory

So what is the Cell Memory?

The theory of  the Cell Memory  states that every cell in our body contains information about our personalities and our history not only that but each cell has its own way of thinking.

So according to this when an organ is transplanted from one person to another ,its cells carry all its memory to the new body and  by implanting more than one organ there will be more cells containing more memories.

Dr kandis Burt (author of  the Book Passion Molecules) found out  that cells in the human body exchange messages with each other  by short chain of  amino acids which, in the past ,  were thought   to be found only in the brain but proved now to be found also in other internal organs such as the heart and the important organs and that memory (of things ) is not only stored in brain but also it is stored in the internal organs cells and on our skin cells .( Refrence 10)

Dr Andra Armour gave us another concept in 1991 by stating that there is a small brain in the heart which is composed of a network of neural cells, proteins and supporting cells, all of these things  work in an independent way from the brain and they send information to the brain and  as a result of that he thinks that the neural cells in a transplanted heart will send signals from its stored memory to the brain of the new person.

Paul Persil ,a scientist in neuroimmunology (author of the Heart Code) , did research in 2002 (changes in the behaviour of the recipient people resembling the donors).

The research was conducted on 74 cases ,including 23 heart transplants within  10 years; he found things in some cases difficult to be believed!!

Case one:

An 18- year old young man , who liked poetry, music and singing died in a car accident ,his heart was transplanted in an 18- year  old girl, the operation was successful, after recovery she met the parents of that deceased  young chap, she surprisingly  played the  same music and  sang the same song that he used to play she  sang completing the song  till its ending  although she did not hear them from the deceased  before!!

Case two:

 A 47 -year old white man had a transplantation of a heart from a 17- year old African American, The recipient was surprised after the operation because he started to like classic music , he  discovered later that his donor used to like that kind of music too!!

Case three:

After a young chap had had a heart transplantation , he discovered that he started to use a strange word that he did not use before; after he had met the wife of the donor he found that she and her husband used to use this word as a code between them that  indicated that everything is OK!!

Case four:

A heart transplant was done on an eight -year old girl , the heart was taken from a ten- year old girl ,who was stabbed to death in her lung (her heart was unscathed). About 2 months after she got the heart, she began to have horrible nightmares. She began to describe someone coming out of the shade  and stabbing her. She got to the point that -in her dreams- she actually could see the man. She identified him, she told the police where to go get him, on arresting the man , heconfessed .

The effect of the heart on the brain:

Scientists always think that the heart responds to the signals that come from the brain  but now they have found that it is bilateral dynamic relation .

the heart sends signals to the brain in many forms such as:

1- Neurologically through electrical impulses.

2- Chemically through Hormones & Neurotransmitters.

3- Physically by pressure waves.

The electromagnetic field.



The electrical component of the heart’s field is about 60 times greater in amplitude and permeates every cell in the body. The magnetic component is approximately 5000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field and can be detected several feet away from the body with sensitive magnetometers.

The picture shows the heart electromagnetic field ,which is the most effective in the human body ; it does not only encircle every cell in the body  but it also goes out to the surrounding place , it can be estimated or detected several feet a way from the body with sensitive magnetometers

The figure shows us when two people come near each other or touch each other, how one’s heart affect other’s brain waves




Heart beat (ECG) No contact
Brain wave (EEG) Subject A
Holding hands Subject B

On the right side of the figure you can see when the two subjects hold each other’s hands ; a transfer of electrical energy  is transmitted from (B’s ) heart to A’s Brain  and this can be detected by the EEG

In University of Arizona, now, one of the scientists is doing research on 300 heart transplantation trying to prove the cardio electric theory which states that there is an exchange of energy and  information between the heart and the brain by using the electromagnetic field ,he is trying to find how many recipients did feel changes in their personalities or their diet , also trying to answer questions according to  the ethical point of view ; if someone receive a heart from a criminal what will happen to him ?

Our conclusion,  from all the above mentioned words , Is the Qur’an a book of truth and  it is as Allah describes it ((No falsehood can approach it from before or behind it: It is sent down by One Full of Wisdom, Worthy of all Praise)) Verse 42 Surah (signs) Spelled Out

All the evidence that we gave proves the relationship between heart and  all the spiritual things and conditions of faith ..

This will give us more depth to understand the following verses ((Do they not then earnestly seek to understand the Qur’an, or are their hearts locked up by them)) Verse 24 Surah Muhammad

((On the Day when their tongues, their hands, and their feet will bear witness against them as to their actions))

.Verse 24 Surah Light

We will write a separate research if God will to talk about the properties that the heart have according to Qur’an according to the  a scientific view. We will see that every word mentioned in Qur’an is scientifically true proving that the religion is not a myth as defined in some Encyclopedias.

In Fact , the Holy Quran is a Divine Book ; Each word , each letter contains in itself a miracle , this to enhances the belief of those who believe in it and draw their attention to the miracles in the universe and man’s creation . It gives all the colours and addresses all the cultural levels . The uneducated and uncultured can find what convince him of the divinity of its source and enhance their  belief . Contrary to the Holy Books , it stands alone in face of   atheism and refutes its alleged concepts . People , in the time of the prophet , kept it to their hear and many of them died in defence of it and so did the following generation . Nowadays , and with all the scientific findings that we hear about every moment , the Holy Quran stands alone unshaken while  the others did not . It is the only Book that has remained unchanged and undistorted  without the least word or letter interpolated . This Holy Book addresses the human psyche . It builds up and even shapes the Moslem character through some verses that focuse on the role of man in this universe. God Shows man his role in the universe so as to understand his importance in the universe .God says in the Holy Quran in this concern what means ”  And when7 thy Lord said unto the angels: Lo! I am about to place a viceroy in the earth…………….(2:30)

In Islam , man is not just a creature who spends a period of time and then leaves , Man is honoured in the Holy Quran and is always under God’s care , Man does not stand alone in this universe.

God says in the Holy Quran in this concern  what means”. Verily We have honored the children of Adam. We carry them on the land and the sea, and have made provision of good things for them, and have preferred them above many of those whom We created with a marked preferment.

Quran is the only Book that gives a true picture of God . In the Holy Quran God is not incarnated or humanized

Say: He is Allah, the One! , Allah, the eternally Besought of all!, . He begetteth not nor was begotten. . And there is none comparable unto Him.”

God says in the Holy Quran what mean ” Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The similitude of His light is as a niche wherein is a lamp. The lamp is in a glass. The glass is as it were a shining star. (This lamp is) kindled from a blessed tree, an olive neither of the East nor of the West, whose oil would almost glow forth (of itself) though no fire touched it. Light upon light, Allah guideth unto His light whom He will. And Allah speaketh to mankind in allegories, for Allah is knower of all things.(24:35)

Naught is as His likeness; and He is the Hearer, the Seer. (42:11)

When you read the Holy Quran , you can feel a merciful hand patting on your heart removing sadness and desperateness . It is includes within itself all the sciences and knowledge that man has reached and even that man hasn’t yet , you won’t lose time if you read it . It even talks to the infidels and is keen on removing atheism . Those who are skeptic of God can find answers to their questions . God says in the Holy Quran what means “. We shall show them Our portents on the horizons and within themselves until it will be manifest unto them that it is the Truth. Doth not thy Lord suffice, since He is Witness over all things?  (41:53)”


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Continuation of Article:


About the Authors:

  Paul Pearsall, PhD, is a Clinical Professor at the Department of Nursing, University of Hawaii. He is the author of over 200 professional articles and 15 international best-selling books including The Heart’s Code (Broadway Books,  ).
  Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, is Professor of Psychology, Surgery, Medicine, Neurology and Psychiatry at the University of Arizona. He is also Director of the Center for Frontier Medicine in Biofield Science and Director of the Human Energy Systems Laboratory, both at the University of Arizona. He is the co-author (with Linda Russek) of The Living Energy Universe (Hampton Roads Publishing,  , soon to be re-released; reviewed in NEXUS 7/04), and co-author (with William L. Simon) of The Afterlife Experiments (Pocket Books, 2002; reviewed in NEXUS  ) and The G.O.D. Experiments (Atria Books, 2006).


Editor’s Note:
This article was originally published under the title “Changes in Heart Transplant Recipients that Parallel the Personalities of their Donors” in the Journal of Near-Death Studies, vol. 20, no. 3, Spring 2002.
, and

 Leslie A. Takeuchi, BA, PTA is a physical therapist assistant and is currently a graduate student in Holistic Health Education at John. F. Kennedy University in Orinda, California. An article about Julie Motz’s energy healing work appeared in the June/July issue of San Francisco Medicine in 2000. Her book, “Hand of Life” was published by Bantam Books in 1998.

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  • Linda G. Russek, PhD, is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Arizona and Director of The Heart Science Laboratory of The Heart ScienceFoundation in Tucson, Arizona.

She has co-authored more than 40 papers as well as the book, The Living Energy Universe (with Dr Gary Schwartz; see above).


 Allah said: ” Will We show them Our Miracles in horizons, and within themselves, until it becomes quite clear to them that this is the Truth. Is it not sufficient as regards your God that He is witness over all things”

There is no God except Allah > Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah



The Sudden Death


By Abdudda’em Al-Kehail

Translated By Zakya Fellaata

Revised By Magdy Abd Al-SHafy


Prophet Mohammad (Peace and blessing be upon him) said: (One of resurrection day’s signs is the appearance of abrupt death) (according to Attabarani). A scientific miracle appears in this prophetic tradition that will be proven by undisputable medical facts, this miracle certifies that Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) is a messenger sent by the almighty God, never utters by preconception (by his own inclination); lkcu89 each word he uttered was of God inspiration.

United Nations organization informs us everyday about numbers of those who die due to cerebral apoplexies and cardiac arrest, these numbers increase continuously, and statistics say that cardiac diseases are the main cause of death universally.

Through this research we will find that no one in Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) age could  imagine that there will be a time in which the abrupt death increases except if the prophet  was inspired by God ,who  instructed him these sciences.

The First One to Study This Phenomenon Scientifically

The abrupt death phenomenon is relatively a recent phenomenon, and the first study of it is the study of Framingham (Framingham heart study), that began in 1948 AD, half of those who participated in this study are now  dead , and their death cases have been studied precisely, and Framingham defines the abrupt death as it is the death which occurs within an hour after symptoms onset. It was found that several sudden death cases are resulted from cardiac coronary artery diseases which called Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD). He demonstrated that men within the age range of 45-75 years old who died of cardiac diseases, 60% of them have died suddenly!! (2).

The study also demonstrated that the abrupt death is due to a kind of  a sudden disturbance that might be caused by psychological reasons, no matter what intensive care is taken, and even if the patient was to be rescued by all means, this kind of death achieves its task successfully! (2).

What is The Sudden Death?

There is an aphorism  that Old people used to say , it says : causes of death are multifarious are several, but death always remains the same , so we can understand the common idea about (regarding) death in the past, that death is due to defined reason; for example sickness, accidents and suicide or other reasons, but to speak about uncaused death, that is the sudden death which wasn’t known in the past.

As recent medicine tools and systems have been developed , we could discover death reasons; cancer, epidemic diseases and infectious diseases are some reasons which indicate that death might occur, but the most important reason for death presently is the cardiac clot that occurs suddenly.

Scientists define the abrupt death that it is unexpected death that occurs during short period that doesn’t overtake one hour, and it was demonstrated that half of those who are infected by cardiac diseases will die abruptly! Most of sudden death cases are resulted from disturbance in the coronary artery.

Sudden death attacks patient even if he/she is inside the hospital; studies proved that 10% of patients die abruptly in the hospital and 90% of them die outside the hospital (7).


The first cause of death in the United States is the cardiac disease; the cardiac clot which has the percentage of 28% of death cases. Reports affirm that during 2001AD 700 thousands humans died in the United States due to cardiac diseases! (6).

Yet, what are the numbers of those who die due to abrupt death? In the United States, 300 thousands humans die every year suddenly due to cardiac diseases. Statistics confirm that the rate of sudden death generally increases around the world and men are likely exposed to die suddenly three times more than women.

Sudden death occurs without any herald or signs of cardiac diseases. Although billions dollars are paid for cardiac diseases researches in the united states, and although they could reduce sudden death cases caused by cardiac diseases, sudden death rate is still constant (changeless)!(2).

Smoking and Psychological Depression

Smoking increases the probability of sudden death three times! That smoking is responsible for causing one fourth of coronal cardiac diseases (CAD) in the world, most of theses diseases end with sudden death.

Psychological depression affects the increasing of sudden death probability, also age affects the rate of increasing sudden death ; studies demonstrated that people are exposed to die suddenly during the forties and fifties and this period of human age is the period during which human is matured mentally enough , the chances of death for diabetic patients are so high (1).

Is There a Medical Therapy for This Phenomenon?

Most of doctors talk about treatment after apoplexy occurs, because they have no treatment till now for these dangerous apoplexies, in spite of that, the probability of escape is very few. Doctors confirm that the ideal (successful) way to prevent this kind of abrupt death is to ensure more stability for heart function (5).

The available treatment presently is to make the patient under intensive care, then to precede surgery, and even these steps aren’t workable except in some cases. Doctors recommend reducing sugar and cholesterol amounts in these patients’ diet which is also not workable in this case.

So what about those who don’t have idea about their condition and no one can predict if sudden death attacks them without any alert? What is their treatment? Medicine fails to predict their case, but, did the merciful prophet Mohammad (God peace and blessing be upon him) ignored them or he described remedy for them??

What Is The Prophetic and Koranic Treatment?

The Almighty God mentioned heart in many verses in the holy Koran. Hearts become sick and hardened , they become blind and scared and become secure, they deflect and become impure, and they understand and realize. So, heart is not only a pump, it is an integral system that controls the psychological stability in human.

Mentioning God is the best way to make heart secure, Allah says in the Holy Quran what means : {Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah. for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction} (Arra’d (Thunder): 28). When a Muslim mentions his Lord, his heart will be stable and won’t suffer from disturbance; you can close your eyes and make your heart show reverence and fetch God’s Mightiness and say for example (no God, but Allah) and try to discover what feelings do you feel, don’t you feel that you are the most one who feel safe, secure and stability!

We found that sudden death is caused by abrupt disturbance in heart function (activity), therefore, doctors till now have failed to find out a treatment for this phenomenon, but Koran has solved it by this holy verse, so please imagine as you memorize the holy Koran by heart, won’t you expect that you’ll be the most psychologically stable among people?

Prophet Mohammad (pace and blessing be upon him) educated us a great prayer which he used to supplicate God with everyday; we imitate our merciful prophet and learn this prayer to supplicate God. Abu Dawood narrated that Prophet Mohammad (pace and blessing be upon him) said:   ” No plague is to suddenly inflict a man if he says (seeking protection from Allah )every morning and every evening   ” In the name of Allah that   nothing under the umbrella of His name   , either in heaven or on the earth ,   could harm (when seeking protection from Him ) as He is the Well-Knowing and Well-hearing .”

According to Attirmethey, Prophet Mohammad (pace and blessing be upon him) also used to supplicate God with this prayer: (Oh God, protect  me in front of me and behind me, from my right side and my left side, and over me, and I seek the aide of you not to be assassinated from my underfoot side).

The Holy Prophetic Miracle facet

We can summarize miracle aspects in the following points:

1. No one was able to predict that sudden death will increase because no one could know this fact. But, since few years, scientists could precede precise statistics, and for their surprise, they got unexpected numbers; they found that the percentage of those who die suddenly is very high.

2. Scientists today say that sudden death phenomenon has just been studied for fifty years! It has been studied medically for the last twenty years, and scientists try to find tactics to prevent sudden death (4) because they are aware of the seriousness of this problem, yet they gain nothing, which means that this phenomenon is continuously increasing and scientists began to reveal the causes of sudden death, and that exactly what prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) mentioned when he said: (One of resurrection day’s signs is the appearance of abrupt death

3. Some skeptics might claim that sudden death was known many years ago, so we say: sudden death wasn’t known during Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) time, because we find that poets and literary didn’t mention it in their poetries and writings and Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) considered sudden death as one of resurrection day’s signs. If sudden death was common in that age, skeptics  would object to this prophetic tradition!

As we know that unbelievers used to criticize everything, so if sudden death phenomenon was common in that time and prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) told them that this phenomenon will appear in the end of life on the earth which will be followed by resurrection day, they would astonish that prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) considers common phenomenon as one of resurrection day’s signs!! So we can consider this prophetic tradition as a medical miracle for the greatest messenger Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) whereas he talked about a phenomenon which scientists discovered recently .

The occlusion

We’d like to terminate this research (paper) with a holy prophetic prayer which all of us ought to learn and memorize by heart: according to Albukhari, prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) said: (Oh Allah , You are my god ,  There is no god but You . It is You Who has created me  , I confess  I am Your servant  , and I will remain abiding my self to my commitment to You ( Being a believer and a servant ) as far as I could

Oh , my God , I ask your refuge from the repercussions of my deeds ,

I confess your succor and thebestow you granted me with

Oh , God ! Forgive my sins as no one could do that but You

Dear reader, will you be convinced of this prophetic remedy and memorize the prayer and try not to forget it at all?


Football Player Suddenly dies

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By Abdudda’em Al-Kehail


Allah said: ” Will We show them Our Miracles in horizons, and within themselves, until it becomes quite clear to them that this is the Truth. Is it not sufficient as regards your God that He is witness over all things”

There is no God except Allah > Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah



Holes in Evolutionism-Skeleton of Human beings



Holes in Evolutionism

Skeleton of Human beings

By: Dr. Engineer Salama Abdelhady

Quran is the Miracle of Islam, the last message to humanity that was revealed to Mohamed, to be the Evidence of his truth as a messenger. The reader may look at the following article to know the miracles of such book..


The truth of this statement is verified also by many verses in the Quran that punch scientific holes in the claimed evolutionism. One of these verses is interpreted from Arabic as follows:

[67.23] Say: He it is Who builds up your (human) structure and arrange your ability of hearing and seeing and he made your hearts: your given thanks are so little (in comparison to Creator’s favours)

We may look in this article through my engineering culture to the miracles of this heavenly statement: Who builds your HUMAN STRUCTURE. Surely, our structure as human beings is a genius engineering structure that requires the most powerful super computers and the tops of consultant engineering offices to design such structure and to understand the wisdom of each of its parts and components and the laws for its calculation and the techniques of its fabrication.

The humans, in the present era of science and technology, cannot design or produce by all their means, tools, technologies and arts such structure. So, how the nature can do that?

Our structure is formed mainly by hard bones composed of a network of collagen fibres impregnated with mineral salts (largely calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate), a combination that gives it great density and strength, comparable in some cases with that of reinforced concrete which structured our engineering buildings. Bone is one of God’s strongest materials that structured our human body. One cubic cm can bear loads of 700 kg. This strength rivals that of light steel, but a steel skeleton would be five times heavier. Bone is made up of protein collagen and minerals (calcium and phosphate). Collagen fibres are miraculously strong, flexible and elastic to support the body and allow its stable movement. The minerals give the bone its hardness and rigidity. Together they make a matrix that provides maximal strength in a lightweight form. Bone is composed of structural units called Haversian systems. Each system is made up of concentrically arranged layers of hard, inorganic material surrounding a microscopic central Haversian canal. Blood vessels that feed and maintain such bones and nerves that control its movement pass through this canal. The living bone cells (osteocytes) lie along the interfaces between adjoining concentric layers of the hard matrix. Materials are exchanged between the living cells and the blood vessels in the Haversian canal by way of radiating canaliculi, an unknown and heavenly process. Most bones are not solid, compact structures, or they would be unnecessarily heavy in proportion to the strength requirements. The large bones are therefore hollow. Sufficient bone bars and braces extend from the solid bone exterior into the hollow interior to provide reinforcement similar to the engineering of bridges. So wisely is the order of God arranged that this space in the bone shaft is not wasted, but filled with bone marrow, which is used as a factory for red blood.

Such bones are arranged into an engineering truss or structure formed of bones and is called “Skeleton”. The skeleton provides the framework which supports our body and maintains its shape. There are joints between bones that permit movement, some allowing a wider range of movement than others, e.g. the ball and socket joint allows a greater range of movement than the pivot joint at the neck. Skelton muscles are attached to the skeleton by tendons to power the movement of our bodies in intended directions which are mastered by nervous system and controlled by brain.

Skelton or the reinforced concrete structure of our bodies consist of 206 bones in the adult human skeleton These bones are organized into a longitudinal axis, the axial skeleton, to which the appendicular skeleton is attached. The axial skeleton (80 bones) is formed by the vertebral column (26), the thoracic cage (12 pairs of ribs and the sternum), and the skull (22 bones and 7 associated bones). The axial skeleton transmits the weight from the head, the trunk, and the upper extremities down to the pelvis and then to the lower extremities at the hip joints, and is therefore responsible for the peculiar upright position of the human body. Most of the body weight is located in front of the spinal column which therefore has the erector spinae muscles and a large amount of ligaments attached to it resulting in the curved shape of the spine. The 240 skeletal muscles acting on the axial skeleton position the spine, allowing for small movements in the thoracic cage for breathing, and the head, where they control the minute and complex facial movements.

The appendicular skeleton (126 bones) is subdivided into the upper and lower extremities: The axial skeleton is connected to the upper extremity (60) through thepectoral girdle (4) and to the lower extremity (60) through the pelvic girdle (2). Some 300 muscles attach to the appendicular skeleton. The only joint between the pectoral girdle and the thorax is between the clavicle and the sternum (i.e. the sternoclavicular joint), the scapula instead being controlled by muscles. The humerus articulates to the scapula at the shoulder joint and to the two parallel bones of forearm, the radius and ulna, in the elbow joints (humeroulnar, humeroradial, and radioulnar). The distal ends of the forearm bones form the wrist joints with the hand. In the hand, eight carpal bones arranged in two rows articulate with the metacarpal bones of the palm which articulate with the 14 finger bones (the phalanges). The pelvic girdle is a composite structure which includes bones from both the axial skeleton, the sacrum and the coccyx, and the lower extremities, the two hip bones. Because the lower limbs have to bear the weight of the human body – reaction forces at the feet can be 5-10 times the body weight during sprinting and jumping – the bones of the pelvic girdle, the thigh, and the lower leg are massive and have a network of fibers and many strong muscles to maximize strength and stability. Similarly, and in contrast to the elbow, in the knee the kneecap, a sesamoid bone formed in the tendon of the large quadriceps muscles of the thigh, protects the knee from damage while helping the muscles in extending the knee. In each ankle there are 7 tarsal bones, including the heel bone, and in each foot 5 metatarsal bones and 14 phalanges. The foot represent the base of the human structure as it bears the whole weight of the body and gives the straightness of such structure.The calcaneus, or the heel bone, is the largest bone of the human foot and represents the main part that gives the body its locomotive stability. The skeleton of the human foot is made up of three groups of bones: the tarsus, the metatarsus, and the phalanges. The tarsal bones consist of the calcaneus, talus, cuboid, navicular, and the first, second, and third cuneiforms.

Such skeleton protects many vital organs with bones of heavenly designed thickness and rigidity that fit optimally to the importance of the protected organs; the skull protects the brain, the eyes, and the middle and inner ears, the spine protects the spinal cord, the rib cage, spine, and sternum protect the lungs, heart and major blood vessels, the clavicle and scapula protect the shoulder, the ilium and spine protect the digestive and urogenital systems and the hip, the patella and the ulna protect the knee and the elbow respectively and the carpals and tarsals protect the wrist and ankle respectively.

Can any logic human imagine the nature may design and manufacture such genius structure? If accepting the human madness with a positive answer (YES), who adapt the skeletons of human males to suit their allocated tasks and of the human female to perform other specified tasks? There are found many differences between the male and female human skeletons. Most prominent is the difference in the pelvis, owing to characteristics required for the processes of childbirth. The shape of a female pelvis is flatter, more rounded and proportionally larger to allow the head of a fetus to pass. Men tend to have slightly thicker and longer limbs and digit bones (phalanges), while women tend to have narrower rib cages, smaller teeth, less angular mandibles , less pronounced cranial features such as the brow ridges and external occipital protuberance (the small bump at the back of the skull), and the carrying angle of the forearm is more pronounced in females. Females also tend to have more rounded shoulder blades.

 Have the nature allocated such tasks and the designs in the male and female structures? It is one of the Holes in Evolutionism as stemmed from the stated verse. However, the genius upright structure of a human body, its balance, its harmony, its symmetry and its stability represent also great holes in evolutionism. Where are the missing stages between all high animals as apes, gorillas and monkeys and such completely precious structure of a liberal creature. The nature cannot allocate tasks, calculate loads, arrange bones-fibers and thickness, gift freedom of movement in the six directions, manufacture joints, lubricate such joints, replace fractured bones, maintain such bones, adjust skeletons according to body weight and size and support each bone to bear its directional stresses. If we found some similarity between human skeleton and some animals-skeleton, it is simply because of the Uniqueness or Oneness of the CREATOR. BUT THE NATURE IS NOT SO WISE TO DO SIMULTANEUSLY ALL THESE HUMAN PECULIRITIES. Peculiarities in the design of the human skeleton, bones, pelvis, heel bone or the cacaneus as well as its peculiar symmetry and moving uprightly to suit a gifted human superiority should lead us to a great question: DOES THE HUMANS HAVE ANY FAVOR IN SUCH PECULIAR DESIGN? The answer is surely “NO” BECAUSE NO ONE CAN MODIDY HIS BONES IN ANY FASION TO SUIT ADDITIONAL DESIRED TASKS.Hence, why to argue in being created??? It is not an escape route because it is a complex problem. But it is the only human answer to find a logic solution for such problem.

God specified humans with 46 chromosomes, 70.000 genes and peculiar structure and abilities. However, unlike camels which have different structures as in camel-like creatures in the family Camelidae where all have 74 chromosomes but we find two true camels, and the four South American camelids, the llama, alpaca, guanaco, and vicuña. Each of them has special constructional differences as the number and shape of humps, the structure of blood cells and molecules, the life duration, the structure and number of bones, etc.  But in humans, it is not the case AS ALL HUMANS ARE SIMILAR.


Those disbeliever, surely do not deserve their humanity and their gifted ability of logic thinking.

The other gifted abilities to see and hear as well as our hearts which are stated in the discussed verse represent other holes in evolutionism. But these abilities will be discussed, Insha Allah, in future articles.

The earth made suitable for life


“And do not do mischief on the earth, after it has been set in order” part of verse 56

(Al-A’araf): a new vision

Earth was polluted so God fixed it for us and ordered us not to spoil it any more but ordered us to supplicate him to avoid the evil of environmental corruption, let us read this new vision of the verse….

Quran and the history of Earth

The radiation measurements of Earth rocks has indicated that the age of this earth is within 4.6 billion years, where it was in its early stages a flaming giant wrapped with flaming rocks, and there are millions of meteorites that hit its surface every day, these hits were considered to be as a hammer knocking and settling this earth till it took its’ spherical shape .

Then this earth has started to cool gradually , water vapor started to condense around it in the atmosphere, clouds started to be shaped and rains falling down heavily , which lead to cooling the Earth and the emergence of seas that enveloped the entire Earth.

Then the earth’s crust has started to be formed and fissures started to appear on it which formed what is called tectonic plates, those plates began to move and to collide with each other forming mountains and rising rivers. Scientists believe that life has begun on Earth 3 billion years ago and they also say that a sudden extinction has occurred for many species of living organisms such as dinosaurs which have become extinct 65 million years ago after they have spoiled the earth , didmassacres and spilled each others blood .Then a huge meteor fell down and penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere causing fires, destruction and pollution which led to the complete perdition of this kind of creatures.

Repeated Earth Pollution

When Scientists have studied the Earth history, they found that Earth at the beginning of its creation was highly contaminated with toxic gases, oxygen was not born yet, and the atmosphere consisted of poisonous gases and water vapor.

Then and over millions of years and as a result of physical reactions by the act of God , the earths’ atmosphere has been purified from those gases and filled with clean air, thus God fit earth for life to be suitable to be lived on its surface .

Scientists inform us that the amount of carbon gas and methane gas were hundreds of times greater than it is today, which means that there was a corruption in the earth’s atmosphere and God fixed it through the creation of plants which absorbed that gas to make its’ own food and through the dissolving of a part of that poisonous gas in the oceans . And at the same time God created a great amount of bacteria which produce oxygen in large quantities. This operation continued for millions of years where bacteria and plants acted as purifications systems for the earths’ atmosphere.

One day earth was highly polluted but God fixed it to us, and scientists says that the ratio of carbon gas was hundreds times much than it is today, then a complex physical and dynamic reactions have been occurred and as a result was the clean atmosphere, but studies indicate that there is a new increase in the ratio of carbon gas which alarms to dangerous and natural disasters.

The mercy of carbon gas

God with his mercy chose to purify our earth from the toxic carbon gas, that gas in an era of time was heavily covering the earth. Today its ratio is about 0.035 %, in other word, in every one hundred thousand grams of air there is 35 grams of carbon gas.

If we looked at the other planets of the solar system, we notice that its atmosphere is corrupted and is not suitable for life. For example, the proportion of carbon gas on Mars is about 96% and its proportion on Venus is more than 98%, so when we find that the carbon gas proportion on earth is very low (0.035%) so it’s surely a mercy of God on us.

In a research held at the University of Chicago, scientists confirmed that carbon gas is really a mercy of God as it regulates the temperature on the surface of the earth, and that any change in the gas ratio would cause disasters and hurricanes.

The mercy of oxygen

Why did God make the ratio of oxygen in the atmosphere about 21%? Of course this ratio is appropriate for the continuation of life. Researchers says that if the ratio of oxygen in the atmosphere was less than 15% we will not be able to set on fire as the amount of oxygen would not be sufficient to complete the interaction. And if the amount of oxygen is more than 25% everything on earth will be burned without even a sparkle because of sun heat!

And the strangest thing that causes the wonder of scientists is that the micro-organisms on earth if they are exposed to direct sunlight, they die immediately. But with a mercy of God that he provided the atmosphere with a layer of ozone gas. That layer absorbs the ultraviolet radiations coming from the sun, and without this layer all creatures on earth have been dead from a long time, but in fact it was impossible for life to arise!

Of course, someone may ask a question: How do scientists know about the amount of oxygen or carbon gases in the earths’ atmosphere millions of years ago? During getting samples of ice in the Alps for example, scientists have found that this ice contains bubbles of gas. And after examination of those bubbles with what it contains of elements which is called radioactive isotopes, and by the amount of remaining radiation in those elements, they can calculate the age of those bubbles and how was the atmosphere at that time.

 A future with bad news !

Studies have shown that the ratio of carbon gas now in the atmosphere is 30% higher than what was it in the previous ages, and the ratio of methane gas is 100% higher than what was it in previous years.

The proportion of carbon gas increases with a rate of 1% every year, and that increase is very dangerous, this rapid increase is because of the human activity in burning fuel and energy production. Therefore, if that increase continues as it is now, so during the next 100 years the ratio of gas carbon in the atmosphere will be higher than ever before in the earth history during the last million years.

The increase in the ratio of carbon gas will cause sudden climate changes, and that will cause some natural disasters, and as a result of that a famine could sweep the world especially the poor part of it, sea level will rise several meters due to melting of Icebergs in north and south Antarctic. And that will cause the sinking of whole coastal cities as a result of that high rise.

The increase in the ratio of carbon in the atmosphere during previous ages of earth was due to the geological phenomena like volcanoes and the gases emerged from them, and despite of that massive amounts of gases , it is still much less than today’s pollutants released by human.

A curve representing the increase of carbon gas ratio from 1958 till 2004 showing the rapid increase in the ratio of this poisonous gas, as the ratio increased from 300 parts in one million to 400 parts in one million during the last 50 years! Quran talks about the earth pollution cycle

Recent studies of the earth history indicates there is a cycle for the earths’ atmosphere, where one day it was full of poisonous gases, then the ratio of those gases declined gradually according to delicate and complex operations mending that imbalance in the atmosphere and without those operations it was impossible for life to be on earth .

Today, scientists inform us that the rate of pollution has increased once again so we find them uttering warning cries for human to not to pollute this earth because that will lead to a lot of environmental disasters .So Quran has preceded those scientists to refer to this scientific fact as Quran has confirmed that the earth was one day not suitable for life then God fixed it and ordered us not to corrupt it and to supplicate him to prevent us evil of disasters . God said (And do not do mischief on the earth, after it has been set in order, and invoke Him with fear and hope. Surely, Allah’s Mercy is (ever) near unto the good-doers) verse 56 (Al-A’araf)

This verse included several signs:

  1. A sign to avoid corruption and pollution in the earth as he says: (do not do mischief on the earth).
  2. A sign that one day earth was polluted then God fixed it to us and ordered us not to corrupt it after it has been set straight as he says ( after it has been set in order).
  3. A sign to the importance of supplications in this era as nowadays the environmental corruption is threatening the earth with natural disasters like hurricanes, tsunamis and acidic rain, etc., as he says: (and invoke Him with fear and hope).
  4. A sign to not lose hope of Gods’ mercy and to regard as a good omen and that God is able to repair that environmental imbalance as he says: (Surely, Allah’s Mercy is (ever) near unto the good-doers).

500 scientists agree on this fact !

In the 2nd conference which was held in Paris in the beginning of 2007 , more than 500 scientists gathered from all over the world and they drew conclusions that the environmental corruption and pollution have covered land, sea and even human, plants and animals and that human is responsible for that corruption and there is a possibility to return back to the normal ratios for carbon gas in the atmosphere.


The most amazing thing is that Quran summarized for us these results in only one verse which refers that the spread of that corruption in land and see is because of human as he says:(Evil (sins and disobedience to Allah) has appeared on land and sea because of what the hands of men have earned (by oppression and evil deeds), that He (Allah) may make them taste a part of that which they have done, in order that they may return (by repenting to Allah, and begging His Pardon) verse 41(Al-Room)

Hurricanes and their dangerous outcomes are the most important results of the environmental pollution, and this is one of the results of the corruptions that Quran has warned us from as he says: (And do not do mischief on the earth, after it has been set in order, and invoke Him with fear and hope. Surely, Allah’s Mercy is (ever) near unto the good-doers) verse 56 (Al-A’araf)

What is corruption?

One of the meanings of corruption in Almoheet dictionary is (Infertility). Infertility happens as a result of cessation of rain or natural disasters which kills plants and animals, so God has ordered human not to be a reason in the destruction and corruption of the earths’ atmosphere. And that what Quran has told us about anyone who seeks to ruin the earth balanced system as he says (And when he turns away (from you “O Muhammad “), his effort in the land is to make mischief therein and to destroy the crops and the cattle, and Allah likes not mischief) verse 205 (Al-Baqarah)

So there are many kinds of corruption, ethical corruption and environmental corruption. And these verses has been revealed in a time when no one knows that one day the ratio of pollution on earth will be so high and indicates to the corruption of the earths’ atmosphere.

The Prophet brings good news!

Under these dark signs of the earths’ future, a generous prophetic indication full of hope for us the Muslims as he assured to us that Arab countries most of which are deserts will be back as rivers and pastures, as he says peace be upon him (The Day of Resurrection will not come till Arab land return as rivers and pastures)[Narratedby Muslim].

In this noble saying are good news for Muslims that rivers, water and rains will increase and will be a reason in making these deserts full of forests, trees and lakes. And that’s what scientists confirm in their recent researches.

Therefore, we should increase our supplications and asking for forgiveness from God as God says to his messenger Noah (I said (to them) Ask forgiveness from your Lord, verily, He is Oft-Forgiving He will send rain to you in abundance, And give you increase in wealth and children, and bestow on you gardens and bestow on you rivers) Verses (10 -12) Noah.

Satellite Photographs refer that the Empty Quarter desert was one day covered with a cover of dense plants, rivers and lakes were spreading all over it, and in the future it will become once again full of rivers and pastures. Source NASA

Summary of the Research

From God’ mercy that he created for us this earth, it was full of corruption, so He fitted it for us and made it suitable for life , comfortable to live on and thanks God for his mercy. He ordered us not to corrupt in it or destroy that environmental balance after God has fixed it for us. He ordered us also to increase supplications to prevent us from evil of awaiting environmental disasters as he says: (And do not do mischief on the earth, after it has been set in order, and invoke Him with fear and hope. Surely, Allah’s Mercy is (ever) near unto the good-doers) verse 56 (Al-A’araf).


Oh God, we seek your protection from every thing your are taking its forelock, my God is on the right path



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Translated by


Reference of Quran translation: king FAHD complex for the printing of holy Qur’an

… Allah said: ” Will We show them Our Miracles in horizons, and within themselves, until it becomes quite clear to them that this is the Truth. Is it not sufficient as regards your God that He is witness over all things”

There is no God except Allah > Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah




Scientific Miracles of the Qur’an (Koran)

The Super Insect- Mosquito

There is no God except Allah > Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah

Allah said in the Holy Qur’an:}Allah disdains not to use the similitude of things, lowest (like female mosquitoes) as well as highest. Those who believe know that it is truth from their Lord; but those who reject Faith say: “What means Allah by this similitude?” By it He causes many to stray, and many He leads into the right path; but He causes not to stray, except those who forsake (the path) [26]{ AL- Baqara 

The reason for revealing this verse is what Ibn Abbas said: When Allah spoke about the non-Muslims’ Gods and said: }And if the fly should snatch away anything from them, they would have no power to realize it from the fly [73] { AL-Hajj, and, also, talked about those Gods’ deception and said that it looks like a spider’s flimsy web in its weakness, non-Muslims said: Have you seen what Allah mentioned about flies and spiders in Qur’an sent to Mohamad. What is the use of it? So Allah revealed this verse.

AL-Hasan and Qutada said: “When Allah mentioned flies and spiders in Qur’an and gave examples of those insects, the Jewish sarcastically said: (It does not seem like Allah’s speech” so this verse was revealed.

Those verses show that all creatures of Allah (Praise & Glory be to him), lowest as well as highest, are signs that prove the existence of Allah, even if they seem trivial. Allah (Praise & Glory be to him) has left in them His signs and capabilities which confuse minds. In this verse, Allah (Praise & Glory be to him) disdains not to give an example of mosquitoes that illiterates consider them as contemptible while Allah disdains not to give an example of them to prove the splendid signs in the creation of mosquitoes. In this essay, we will reveal some secrets in mosquitos’ world to discover the contrivance of Allah in Mosquitoes.

In 1902, Ronald Ross, entomologist, got The Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. Do you know why?

Because he had studied one kind of mosquitoes called Anopheles and discovered that it transfers Malaria by which ten thousands of people die yearly.

An entomologist spent years in laboratories and received the highest international prize just for studying one kind of mosquitoes, so does this little creature worth to be given as an example by Allah (Praise & Glory be to him)?

Mosquitoes’ Power:

Yellow fever is a viral disease transmitted to humans by a gentle mosquito which is the carrier and the main cause of Yellow fever. Even though, the relation between the mosquito and the Yellow fever was not discovered till 1900.

As a mosquito carrying the Yellow fever resides in a human habitat, the fatal illness usually spreads widely. During 1960-1962, an epidemic spread in Ethiopia killed about 30 thousand persons.

Margaret Humfreez, science historian, explained that carnages caused by Yellow fever are merely the only reason of establishing significant public health organizations in USA such as American Public Health Organization.

In governmental papers forbidden recently, we can observe the program of American biological war from 1945 to 1960. Yellow fever side-by-side to urban mosquitoes carrying the disease had major militarily prospects.

In 1953, working on mosquito-attack strategies began at Camp Derrick. Some benefits of those attacks were obvious because the virus was injected directly to a human body. As long as a mosquito is alive, the area, where it is spread, becomes hazardous since there isn’t known cure for Yellow fever yet. Population of Soviet could be dramatically infected by the disease because it will be difficult to organize a vaccination program on required rate. In 1956, experiments established in Georgia and Florida using uninfected mosquitoes. These insects were great carriers as mosquitoes spread over many miles square very quickly.

An entomologist called Andrew Spielman, a researcher of mosquito’s Diseases and a professor of tropical public health at Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), said in the book “Mosquito“: (there is no organism on earth touched the life of this huge number of people like mosquitoes)

Allah said: }and none can know the forces of thy Lord, except He. And this is no other than a warning to mankind [31] {AL-Mudather

Mosquitoes’ Flying:

Scientists discovered that a mosquito called Culex pipiens must flips its wings about 500 times per second to fly in a reasonable speed equals three miles per hour.

Unusual Adventure of Mosquitoes:

It is known that a mosquito is a bloodsucker insect and it ingests blood.  Conversely, this is not true because not all mosquitoes suck blood but only female mosquitoes do. Mentioning the mosquito in the feminine form in the Qur’an might be one of the miracles because the female mosquitoes are more powerful and complex. Also, they transmit the diseases and spread at houses. Male mosquitoes appear only in breeding seasons.

Female mosquito does not suck blood to feed on as it always lives on floral nectar, but it sucks blood only to feed the eggs. The difference between male and bloodsucker female that females hold the eggs which need proteins to grow. In other words, we can say that they preserve their offspring by this way.

Pincers for Breeding

Entomologists discover that adult male mosquitoes search for females using hearing sense, and that females’ audible range are not as powerful as males.

Females’ voice alerts males and is received by tiny feathers lies at the end of antennae. When breeding with a female, entomologists noticed that there is an organ in males next to the sexual organs to help in catching a female called pincers.

Males fly in flocks like clouds. If a female enters this group, a male starts breeding and catches the female while flying by the pincers. This process takes short time. Then, the male returns to the flock. After that, the female carrying eggs sucks blood of humans in order to feed the eggs.

Mosquitoes’ Life Cycle Briefly:

Females carrying eggs suck blood to feed the egg, and during summer or fall, females lay the eggs on moist leaves or near dry lakes. The mother mosquito searches for an appropriate place to lay the eggs by proboscis lying under its abdomen. When it finds the proper place, it lays the eggs – which are less than 1 mlm long- one by one or as clusters in one row. Another type of mosquito ties the eggs together and lays it after that. The number of eggs laid in one group is 300 eggs.

One or two hours after laying the eggs, they change their colors to black so it can not be identified by other insects, thus, killed, i.e. to avoid being a food for them. The most remarkable thing is that they change their colors according to the environment they live in.

Respiratory System:

In larvae that develop into mosquitoes, the main part of the respiratory system is the air tube or siphon that can take it out of water to breathe by. Larvae existing in water are suspended upside down, and to prevent water penetration into the tube, it secretes a sticky item from its body.

No mosquito knows about changes in colors of the mother mosquito, eggs and larvae. It is not created by the mosquito itself and it does not exist coincidentally, but mosquitoes were created with those characteristics.

Hatching from Eggs:

After the phase of eggs nursery, the larvae hatch one after another form the eggs. These larvae feed, develop and grow. Then, they change their skin colors. Larva skin is tough and easy to be broken. Larvae change their colors at least twice till their maturity.

The way of larva’s feeding is odd.  “A very important mechanism present in the larva allows it to eat head-down in the water. Thanks to this mechanism, the larva, which cannot go after its prey, agitates the water and brings prey to its mouth. It creates a current in the water by the rapid shaking of the 4 sets of fine-haired brushes on either side of its mouth. Bacteria found in the water are thus guided into the larva’s mouth by the motion of the water. The larva also eats the bacteria that get stuck in these brushes”. Book of “Miracles in mosquito”, Harun Yaha.

These larvae live in water suspended and breathe via air tubes, like divers. They prevent the entrance of water in the tube by secreting special enzymes.

It is obvious that this creature does most of its work in extreme precision and sensitivity which assure its survival.

If it doesn’t have the tube to breathe or doesn’t have the sticky liquid to prevent water form getting into the tube, water will enter into the tube, so it will die. There will be no possibility to survive. This means that all the systems of a mosquito created complete.

Larva changes its color again, and then starts a new phase with another figure. Then, it changes into a tow-wing mosquito.

Holes in the air tube disappear in the last change (the latest insect) because the new insect does not need them as there are tow tubes in the sides of mosquito’s head by which it can breathe. Thus, these organisms get to the surface before starting the process of skin change.

When a mosquito gets out of a larva phase, it should not touch the surface of water by its head because one moment without air causes its death.

Larva is cut form the top to ensure the developing of the insect. This is the most critical phase in the mosquito’s life cycle as the entrance of water to the coating causes its death. Allah’s Glory is in that the cut part is from top, where the head goes out from it. For separating water from the insect’s head, Allah’s Glory made the head covered with a special kind of glue to prevent water from reaching it. This is very important because any air blowing might make the mosquito fall in water and die. Thus, it puts the foot first on water when starting the new phase.

There are some questions might come to mind such as:

How can a mosquito change the phases? How does it have this ability to change its skin three times and become a complete mosquito? It is Allah’s glory and contrivance.

The Internal Composition of Mosquito:

The Salivary Gland:

A couple of salivary glands is located in the thorax of a mosquito. Each gland has three lobes; each lobe has a central duct which is fused at the main duct of the salivary gland. The tow salivary ducts of the glands fuse together to form a common salivary duct extended in the head which has a whole in a small cavity called salivary pump where saliva runs forward in the salivary duct located in the tongue. The salivary gland has a crucial role in the transmission of Malaria by keeping “sporozoite“, the phases by which humans get the infection. Then, flowing out with saliva to the injury turned out by the insect.

The Digestive System:

The digestive system in mosquito consists of a small mouth cavity followed by a strong crop working as a pump to draw blood through the upper lip. A short tube passes through the neck called gullet which has three bags; two are approximately round-shaped located in the back and the third is extended in the abdomen and the back and might reach the third or the forth segment of the abdomen. Gullet, the foregut, is linked to the stomach, the midgut, by a short muscular tube called the first stomach, “proventriculus”. Stomach is extended from the thorax up to the special abdominal segment, and has a great ability to expand, especially the backside.

Adult mosquito can ingest 2-3 mlm in a single meal to extract the used azotic substances and eliminate them through intestines, the hindgut, out of the body. The intestine is a short and slender tube expanding to form the Malpighian tubules that has an outlet passage through the anus.

The Circulatory System:

The circulatory system in mosquito is an open system where blood passes through the body cavities and through which the digested food is absorbed from the digestive tract and carried to all parts of the body.

Heart lies near the upper abdomen wall. It consists of many long and thin chambers. Blood gets in by side openings in each chamber, and runs in one way toward head.  The front part of heart is combined with a capillary called aorta which shapes the body cavity.

The blood does not have red blood cells, so it has nothing to do with respiration. It only carries the food from the digestive tract to other tissues.

The Respiratory System:

The respiratory system in mosquito, as in all other insects, consists of thin tubes called tracheas which have outlet passages on the abdomen and thorax segments.

Inside the insect body, tracheas extend, branch off and interlace in a particular way and go deep until combining with the body’s cell. The small tubelets of trachea are called tracheoles. They have rings or spiral from inside while tracheas do not have those rings and spirals. They start with exterior openings situated on the sides of body wall called spiracles through which air enters and leaves. Tow of those spiracles lies in thorax and seven in the abdominal segments; from the 1st up to the 7th.

The Nervous System:

The nervous system in mosquito is made up of a nervous cord consists of ganglia joint to each other by nervous fibers. A pair of ganglia exists in the head and called the brain; the front pair is above the gullet, and the back pair is under it. In the thorax, there are three pairs of ganglia fused into one. It is located next to the thorax wall near the abdomen. In the lower abdomen, there are five pairs of ganglia. The three pairs of ganglia of thorax and the pairs of the first abdominal segment are joint to the backside of the head to form the brain.

The Reproductive System:

It lies in the back of a mosquito abdomen in the circulatory cavity. In females, it consists of tow ovaries; each has a small tube called the oviduct. The tow tubes fuse in the abdomen to form a vagina, which has outlet genital opening located at the back of anus. The pouch duct, which receives and stores the sperms, besides the additional gland duct, which releases a lubricant called kerlex to accumulate the egg together to form the egg boat, end in vagina. The sperms are stored in the vesicle to be used by the female. In males, the reproductive system consists of tow testes, each has a seminal duct fuses together to form the ejaculation duct that has outlet passage in the genital opening.

How Mosquitoes Can Realize Organisms in Nature:

A mosquito has the ability of sensing the organisms by their heat. A mosquito can detect heat in the form of colors. This sense does not depend on sunbeams – i.e. light. The visual sensors equal 1/1000 compared to the heat sensors.

A mosquito has about 100 eyes in the head in a shape looks like the honeycombs. Mosquito’s eyes detect those signals and transfer them to the brain.

Only females lives on blood while males live on nectar and plants secretion.

When a mosquito sucks blood, it uses an elusive technique. The complicated system used is as following:

When a mosquito lands on the prey by smelling its blood first to check whether it is appropriate or not, if it was not, it leaves and finds another food. If blood is appropriate, it searches a proper thin place which has a heavy amount of blood such as the venule. Then, it determines a certain place by lips exist in the mouthpart.  

It sprays that place with an anesthetic works like local anesthetics.

The mosquito has a needle, a hollow in the upper lip, which has a special cover used while sucking the blood. The skin is not pierced by this needle, as thought, but by the upper mandible which look like a knife, and the lower mandible which has teeth leaning inward that works and moves as a saw. The hollow lower lip has a lubricant liquid to gather the parts of the mouth to be as one organ. The skin is pierced by the upper mandible, which works as a knife, and in the piercing, the needle gets in till reaching the vein, and starts sucking.

As it is known, shortly after blood gets out in the human body, with the help of human enzymes, blood coagulates in that place.

So these enzymes cause a major problem to a mosquito because its piercing will be closed in a short time. That means it can not suck the blood. However, such problem does not face a mosquito as it forms a substance in its body and injects it in the piercing of a person to prevent the coagulation. Also, these anticoagulants cause inflammation of the skin, so the blood impels toward it. Thus, it continues bloodsucking. When a mosquito bites a person in a certain place, this place swells and itches as a result of the anticoagulants secreted by the mosquito.

Undoubtedly, all these duties give us many questions such as:

1.      How does a mosquito know about this enzyme which coagulates the blood?

2.      How does a mosquito prevent the coagulating enzyme by forming special anticoagulants? How it knows about these chemicals? How do all these processes happen?

3.      How does this insect form such enzyme autogenously, and transmit it by its techniques to the human body?

4.      Where does a mosquito get this information from?

The answer of all these questions is simple. A mosquito can not do anything because it does not have a perceiving brain, information about chemistry, nor a laboratory to form these anticoagulants. The insect we are talking about is a few millimeters long, and does not have a mind, nor education. The Creator of the human being and this mosquito, unusual super insect, who gave it such an amazing super system, is the Creator of the humans and the one who can recreate him in the Judgment day.

Written by: Feras Nour AL-Hak.

Turkish author: Harun Yahya

The Magazine of “The New York Review of Books”, by: Richard Horton, Translated by: Ahmad Mahmood. This essay was published in the magazine of “Weghat An-Nathar”, Issue no. 44, 2002 under the title of “Mosquitos”

Translated by: Reem AL-Sayed


Allah said: ” Will We show them Our Miracles in horizons, and within themselves, until it becomes quite clear to them that this is the Truth. Is it not sufficient as regards your God that He is witness over all things”

The Developement Stages in the Human Creation

 In these pages we are talking about you, we will wonder in human body to discover how he was created and which grades (stages) he passed And now , let’s make a short time trip and return period to the past to accurate together in this wonderful story that is full of miracles from the beginning and see how the human being was created. In aperiod of time his beginning was only one cell in his mother’s belly, he was an impussant existence needing for protection, smaller than one salt molecule. You also was as this small cell described above like all other people on the earth ‘s surface , after while, this cell was divided and become two cells instead of one, then four, eigth, sixteen cells these cells increased in a continuous way, then itappears the first piece of meat then it takes a certain figure as it gets two hands, two legs and two eyesThe first cell was matured hundred milliard times and its weight six milliard timesSo notice and imagine the only one drop of water became a human being, when Allah (Glory to Him) made many miracles to it, this human is able to read these words.The holy Qur’an explained how the human was created Allah says : (Does Man think that he will be left uncontrolled, (without purpose)* Was he not a drop of sperm emitted (in lowly form)* Then did he become a leech like clot; then did (Allah) make and fashion (him) in due proportion* And of him He made two sexes, male and female* Has not He, (the same), the power to give life to the dead?) SURAH  AL QIYAMAH(36.40)

The human’s creation ;People who are busy with the daily life, may not care about this important miracle which is happening every day … the first stage in the miracle of creation is the maturation of the ovum cell in the orgasm of a woman’s body named by the ovary. There is a long trip for the maturated ovum to take … it will enter the fallop tube. here it will take a long space until it reaches to the womb . The fallop tube starts with a motivationto catch the maturated ovumbefore it exit from the ovary by a small period of time and it tries to find the ovum cell by weightless touches on the ovary the result of this the falloptube finds the matured ovum and pull it internally and then the trip of the ovum’s cell starts.The ovum must cross a long distance in the fallop tube , but it hasnt any organ that safe the way for it as fins or legs and thus a special system was created to its trip, millards of cells was functioned in the internal surface of the fallop tube to join the ovum to the uterus . these capillaries on the surfaceof these cells that is called siliya are moved towards the uterus by these cells continously , so , the ovum cell is carried from hand to hand to the distination that is must be directed towards it and its known as a very precious carrying and when we noticed these cappilaries we found it was cordinated in the shape and place that it must be on in a very smart plan and it performs a transportation movement together and to the same distination as if it isa machine and if a part of these cells didnt perform its task or performe the transportation to the various distination, the ovum will not reach to its goal and the parturation will not be acheived absolutely. But the creation of Allah is perfect, since every cell performe its task that it was commited to without any errors, and so it will present to the place specially for the ovum to the mother’s wamb but the cell was transported accurately bu this way its age doesnt exceed than twenty four hours an d then it dies if it wasnt pollinated in this period and it need a life material .. the pollination .. i.e :

The semen that come from the man’s body The design of the semen :  The semen; it is functioned cell to join the man’s genis to the ovum cell to the woman’s body, if we imagine accurately we will see a designed equipment by special shape to carry this semen. The semen infront facing part is covered by a protective armor and under it a second armor , and the second armor also there is what is like the lorry (truck) that carry the semen and inside this truck there are twenty three chromosomes that are related to the man. All the informations that are related to the human body and the accurated details are hiddenin these chromosomes and it appears a new human being the twenty three that are found in the man’s semen must compete with the twenty three chromosomes that are found in the woman’s ovum . and so the first formation of a human body will appear from forty six chromosomes . The design of the armor that is found in the front part of the semen will protect this preciouse weight all this long space against al types of danger. And the semens design isnt like that only , the semen’s central part is very strong machine and the pointof the engine is associated with the semen’s tail. the power that engine generates makes the tail rotate like a fan and makes it safe for the semen to cut distance quickly . There must be fuel to make this engine work and this need is also found , the most economical fuel is the fruktoz which is on the liquid that is surrounded by the semen and so the engine fuel is saved through the distance that the semen will take to cut by vrtue of this completed design .The semen crosses the distance to the ovum quickly in the notice of the semen size (related to the distance that was crossed, we will find that its quickly  movement is like a boats race . This wonderful equipment produced by a big skill as inside every characteristic the semen’s production center micro channels its long is 500 meters. The production in these channel is similar to the system of the chemin de fer which is used in the modern labs . the semen’s parts (hauberk , engine and trail) pieced together severally in the end, the wonderment of the perfect geometry appears, so we have to think even little time in this truth ….. how did the cells which no aware the way of preparing the semen with suitable to the mother’s body althought its full ignorance of ??! How did the semen learned to make the haubark the engine and the trail as the mothers body needs ??! By which mind did these pieces put together in the right way ??! From where did the semen know it will need the fruktoz sugar ??! How did it learned making an engine that makes the fruktoz ??! There is just one answer for all these questions that the semen and the arranged liquid in , Allah glory to Him created in a special system to lasting the human’s bread. Professor Jawad Babona the in the medicine college at Istambol Univ., he is the competent that the woman and the propagation’s maladie nattered on the semen’s traits by saying : “The semen’s scells are produced in the father’s body but its tasks dont acheive ever but in the mother’s and any semen since the Man Kind history has returned to the father’s body again after finishing its task in the mothers body to tell the cells that produced it about its task and what did she do and the events it faced . In that case , how become the semen’s cell with a different phisique at all those thousands of cells sorts which are in the father’s .. From where the semen’s cell knows that it must go by carrying the hereditary’spregnancy which takes from the father to a phisique will endowed with the life after a period by carrying hauberk in the forehead?! From where the semen’s cell knew that it must apart that bland velamen and takes arranged chemical armories with behind the hauberk ?! As you see it’s impossible that all the members of this mechanism , the events it is responsible with and the tasks the semen perform fortuity , also it’s impossible the knowing comes through repetition. This is a clear etstimony that Allah glory to Him inspired it to make this task anbd taught it how to do that perfectly . . This hyperphisical design in the semen is a great creation’s miracle . Such Allah glory to Him draws our attention to the creation of the semenin a Qur’anic verse in his saying: (Do ye then see? The (human Seed) that ye throw out,*Is it ye who create it, or are We the Creators?) SURAH  AL WAQI’AH(58.59).

The difficult trip of the semen :It’s sent to the mother’s womb in the one time may similar to a two hundred and fifty million semen, that number was limited by this increasing in a special way . because the semen faces deadly dangers just when it enters to the womb . There’s a dens acidic mixture in the woman’s gamic organ that prevents the pacteria’s reaching. also this mixture is vital to the semen, after many minutes the wob’s wall become covered with million dead semen, and after many hours a big part of the two hundred and fifty million semenbecome dead. This acid mix is very important to the mother’s health and very strong, it can kill all the semens which enter to the womb easily. In this case the pollination will not acheive ever and the human’s bread will finish. But taking the precautions is also necessary      the mix which carrys the bace trait is added to the liquid containing the semen during the semen’s production in the man’s body. That mix removes a part of the acid mix in the mother’s womb and by virtue of it thousands of semens can reach to the fallop channel’s entry passing by the mother’s womb . and the scientists observed that all semen directs to one way .. So, how it finds this right direction??!! from where it knew the ovum’s place which is same to the salt molecule. The semen finds the ovum’s place because another perfect system was created for it.  The ovum sends a chemical hint to conciliate the semen which for about fifteen cm. ….the semen by virtue of this hint go towards the ovum briefly    the ovum attracts the semen that it doesnt know anything about and didnt meet before ever and the two unnatural cells which dont know each other.Also this truth is another testimony on the ovum’s creation and the semen’s with great attachment together.The great meeting: In the end just thousands can reach the ovum but the race is not finished till now.The ovum doesnt accept more than one semen; therefor a new race starts …… there were two important dterrents front of the semen :the protecting layer which kill all sorts of microbes that tries to trench to the ovum and the ovum’s tough cover which is difficult to riddle. So it has created in the semen’s special systems to pass these two deterrents. there were the hidden weaponry which semen was hidden under the hauberk’s stiff pointuntil this moment, they are the resolvent enzyme cysts which named by Healoronedyz, these cysts will bore the first deterrent which is on the ovum’s side that is the protecting layer by dissolve it because when the semen pass this layer and go ahead and it hauberk has been eaten gradually then it farmentates and scatters the farmetate of its hauberk is a part the perfect saving plan that because this farmentate the second enzyme cysts which be inside the semen will start appear and that the preotect passing the last deterrent facing the semen that is the aperture of the ovum cover. Now you see this event through the pictures which are picked up by the electronic microscope, so the semen has a red hauberk melts gradually and the ovum’s cover passes into the enterring . The perfect design in the union of the semen and the ovum not only limited by this, because when the semen reachs top the ovum’s cover there ‘s another miracle acheived. suddenly the semen enters and leaves its trail which delivered into her and that’s very important because if the semen didnt do this task, the motivating trail will enter to the ovum’s cell and destroy it. Leaving the semen its trail is similar to the space shuttle’s process and the rocket that has been sent for, there the energ containers an the engines when it hasnt meet for , during its breaking off from the atmosphere .How wonder ?! how the little semen did that by this accurate computation ??!!When the semen do this computation it must know that it reached to the end of the way and it doesnt need the trai again.The semen is a biology system doesnt feel and hasnt got any mind or science just Allah the greatest creator (glory to Him)  ranged in the company of it a system acheives the trails segregating of it in the right time.The semen leaves it trail out to bore the ovum and put the chromosomes through this borning and such the transfer of hereditary information and the result of doing hundreds of the different system which are a part of each others in an arrangement regular action the hereditary information that related to the man’s body reached to the woman’s body. and as we see no chance for any fortuity in the union of the semen with the ovum rather that happened by virtue of a designed and perfect plan this events which happened and the human didnt recognize and this accurate planning for every stage of these stages is a clear testimony that Allah (glory to Him) has created the human and sp we see that which has done the pollination is one semen could reached to the ovum and bored its outer wall and the prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon Him) refered before 1400 years ago this truth by saying : ( Not all the sperm bring child into being but if Allah wants to create thing nothing can prevent Him ) (Al- Emam Muslim reported the hadith in the (marriage book – the segregation issue ) .

The leaches : The man’s semen unions with the ovum and the hereditary information of them becomes beside each other and a one of the greatest miracles of the earth’s surface has acheived so the mix of the hereditary information and foregather to create a new human and the meeting will happen. May be that’s impossible to believe and inside this cell all information that related to the human who wasnt born yet like the child’s eye, his skin’ he colour, face and all his phisical traits are codes in, but its not only his external appearance but has been limited his skeleton and his internal organs like his veins ,even the blood cells shape which thrill inside his veins untill its number and all the details like the human’s traits in the seventh age even them in the 70th everything is cleared and formed inside this cell.The cell after a little period of the pollination does a very confounding contact that it devides and be two new cells and these cells devides to be four, so no the forming of a new human starts ….. but why the cell decied to devide why it takes upon itself and do this task ??! who gave the cell the information about this creation ??? this questions leads us to the being of Allah to whom be ascribed all perfection and majesty. he’s only the owner of the science and the ability that are illimitable, the cells creator, the human’s who is inside the cell, the world chich the human be in and al the universe he created all that from nothing. in these pictures we see the cells trip which devide and increase and see incessantly in the fallop tube. Mass of the cells has been named a pollinating ovum since now.  During the deviding and the increasing of the cells inside the pollinatig ovum, also another confounding event is acheived, that some cells start in contrasting that the other during the cellective of the old cells in the center, the contrasting cells surround about them and after a little period another center cells group will form embryo that means the first case of the baby who will be born and the group about it will form the placenta which will mature the embryo. The sudden starting of the contrast the cells and taking its decission of forming the embryo or the placenta consideres a great miracle in the scientism circles. There’s a hidden matter has been in these cells, the pollinating ovum reached after four days of its pollination of the place that was prepared just for, means the mother’s womb and to not fall out the body it must hang onto the womb but the pollinating ovum is just a circle mass formed from cells which are similar to each other and hasnt got any both or a private handle protect the hanging on to an appointed place, so how can it hang onto the womb’s wall ??! that also has been concerted, while the pollinating ovum reachs to the mother’s womb another special system interposes. This pictures which are picked up by the electronic microscope shows the pollinating ovum which has reached to the mother’s womb before moments.The cells which are on the outer surface of the pollinating ovum excrete a special enzymes to disolve the womb’s wall and so the ovum hang mightily onto the womb and safe from falling out to the womb . the being of the cells on the pollinating ovum’s surface in the decided place exudes the decided enzyme clarifies again that its creating was out demination , by the virtue of the perfect congenitally of the pollinating sinks into the ovum’s pollinating in the womb’s . this new creator augments by hanging onto the womb has been named since now the Embryo .  This truth which the neobiology discovered was reminded in the Holy Qur’an , that when Allah (glory to Him ) minds the first stage for the baby in the mother’s womb he use the (leaches ) word , So Allah says : (Proclaim! (or Read!) In the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, who created*Created man, out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood ) SURAH  AL ‘ALAQ(1.3)but the leaches word in arabic is called to the thing that attaching to a place and hanging on to even the words descent is being used to definite some parisites cohers to the skin and suck the blood from that place . . the ambrosial expression used the leaches word to definite the pollinating ovum in the mother’s womb in the time that all the biological information was very slim .

The chew stage (the constructing ):In our world which is a planet fulls of lives, there are numberless sorts of the lone cell all those increase by deviding and make a copy of them during the deviding . The growing embryo in the mother’s womb starts the life by one cell, also this cell increases by copying itself. This mass grows, contrasts and speciates gradually to for the head’s bud, the cerebrum, the heart, the parts and the bones. This stage is sciential is named by EMBRYO and by looking to its shape we observe it in similar to a piece of meat or chewing gum and the holy Qur’a called it by the word (Chewing).  the Allah (glory to Him ) says : (Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; then of that clot We made a (foetus) lump; then We made out of that lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh: the We developed out of it another creature. So blessed be Allah, the Best to create!) SURAH  AL MU’MINUN(14).And here unless the intermediation of a special arrangement it will necessary for the cells deviding of the baby appearing a mass of meat in instituted of similar cells not a human but something like that doesnt happen because the cells are not standing to this limit. The semen and the ovum start in the constructing about each other after weeks of meeting by a hidden order has been given to them.The emborogies scientists consider this change agreed miracle. The cells that have no awareness start essay the internal organs, the skeleton and the cerebrum In this stage the cerebrum cells start be forming, this picture we see is picked up by electronic microscope it clarifie the first forming of the celebrum and its numbers are increasing very fast. in the end of this forming the embryo become having ten billions of the cerebrums cells every new cell conducts with previous knowing to where it returns and which cells it must attach. every cell finds its place among unbounded probabilities and attaches with cells it must attach with. In the cerebrum 100 trillions links and to be possible for the cells to make trillions of links in right way, it must has superior mind that more than the human mind but this cells hasnat any mind, not only the cerebrum cells but also everyone.The increasing cells devides inside the embryo it makes a trip from the first place that formed of towards the womb which it must be in and everyone gets a place that was planned for them it attached with the cells it must be attached with .How astonishing !!.. these cells has no any senses so who pursued follow this smart plan ?! dr. Jawad Babona has answered this questions by saying How all this similar cells make together this trip suddenly, as if they got an order from one place and all of them tended to different places to form different organs. this clarifies that these orders resembles cells dont know what they will do? Some of the resembles cells and DNA form the cerebrum, others form the heart and the remaining form the others organs.  only Allah the creator of the heavens and the earth who is orienting them. The creating is lasting in the mother’s womb.  The variable cells start suddenly in constriction and expansion after that hundreds thousands of these cells gather in one place to create the heart : these heart lasts in pumping all the life. Some autonomous cells of each others stick together and make attaching among them and shape the veins cells. In the world from where they learned the necessity making the veins and how they did that?? At this is one of the questiones that hasnt got answer in the scientism quarters , in the end the veins cells make spectacular pipy system hasnt on any bore or chink. The innner surface of the veins is smooth as if it has been maked by proficient maker. this wonderfull veins system will start after a period by transfering the blood to all over the embryo’s body and the length of the veins reticulation 4000,000 Km this speed equals the full length of geosphere . The growing in mother’s belly last without stopping and the embryo’s limbs reached in the end of the fifth week to a case similar to the jut as it clear in the pictures this just will be hand – after period some of the cells start making hands but there is a part of the cells after a period make a very perplexe thing thousands of them do a collective sacrifice.  I wonder !! why the cells present thereselves ?  This sacrifice service a very important aim because the dead bulk cells on a specifying line is necessary to create the fingers and the others eat the dead cells, it has shapping in these essential spaces among the fingers.  Excellently; why thousands of cells do like this sacrifice ?!! How the cell itself makes that to be the baby having the fingers in the future ??from where the cell knew that because of this sacrifice serves like this great aim.  All that clarifies that all the cells which the human’s body is created from is directed by Allah He raised far above. During that some cells starts in making the shank. Also the cells dont know that the embryo will need to walk on the earth they form the crus and legs. This picture represents a human face having four weeks. In this stage two bores has been created in the embryo’s head sides . Its difficult to believe that in these two bores the eyes will be set up, the eye shapping will start in the sixth week and the cells are working along the pregnancy months in a plan which no mind can assimilate and those different parts of the eye with monotone following, some cells make the corena, another make hyacinth and others make lens. every cell stops when it reachs to the end of the part that it must form.  The eye is to be created of fourty different layers in consummate shape. Such the eye which considers the best camera at all has been created from nothing, that because the huma will need a versicolour world that the eye was created suitable for.The sounds and arietta those he will hear also the ear which hears them is created in the mother’s belly where the cells form the best pick up receiptor on the earth’s surface and this reminds us again that aidition and vision are from the most graces which Allah granted the human, there by Allah, to whom belongs might and majesty in the holy Qur’an by his word: (It is He Who brought you forth from the wombs of your mothers when ye knew nothing and he gave you hearing and sight and intelligence and affections: that ye may give thanks (to Allah).) SURAH  AL NAHL (The Bees)(78).

The Qur’an’s miracles :All information will explain untill now in the embryo’s growth subject in the mother’s womb has been discovered in the beginning of the twentieth and returning to the believes which were common before the birth of the prophet Muhammed ( peace be upon Him ), They were so far than the scientism truth and it was nearest to the mith because the believe which was common in Aresto’s era 322-384 for ex: that the embryo is phisic and perfect inside the man’s semen but it is very very small, so we cant see and gradually he grows inside the womb as any plant seed, while the holy QWur’an and the noble honest sunna of the prophet Muhammed (PBUH) . proved in an accurate scientific mode that human has been created of various semen , Allah named it by gametes semen so praise the lord says: (Verily We created man from a drop of mingled sperm, in order to try him: so We gave him (the gifts). Of Hearing and Sight.) SURAH  AL INSAN(2).and this makes of the man’s semen and the woman’s was proved and affirmed in the hadith “prophetic traditional ” before 1425 years: that a jewesh passed when prophet Muhammed (PBUH) was talking to his companions (Allah be pleased with them) , this disbelieves of Qurish said : O jewesh , this man alleged he is prophet knows but a prophet and he set down infront of him and said : O Muhamed which has been created from the man’s semen and the woman’s ??  Allah’s messanger Muhammed (PBUH) answered the man’s one is viscid , it has bone and nerve , but the woman’s is thing so it has the meat and blood . the jewesh standed up and said : such , the prophets who were before you had said  The emam Ahmed produced this in his predicate no. : 4206 .  The science didnt reach to the truth that human is created from the man’s semen and the italic scientist Van Benden in 1783 could prove that , and such that human kind abnegated the idea of midget embryo . between 1888 and 1909 Boveri proved that the hetero chromosomes devides and carry different hereditary and it is in special places of the hetero chromosomes(1) Such its very clear for us that human kind didnt know that the embryo is forming of mixing the males semen and the femals ovum but in the eightenth century and its not probative but in the beginning of the twentieth century that bones and thews are forming together . but the recently current studies discovered a truth which people didnt heet to in the past . the bones is created in the embryo at first then covers by thews discovered a new .  In holy Qur’an refered to before 1400 years ago : (Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; then of that clot We made a (foetus) lump; then We made out of that lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh: the We developed out of it another creature. So blessed be Allah, the Best to create!) SURAH  AL MU’MINUN(14).From other side the current searches in the parturation subjects clarify that the baby passes three full stages in his mother’s belly and this truth was explained in one of the basic resources in the embryology named by basic human embryology the life in the mother’s belly is gened of three stages :1. The first two weeks and half : pre-embriyonik 2.To the end of the eighth week : Embrogini3.From the eighth week until the parturition : Fetal .The holy Qur’an before 1400 years ago refered to what the searches’ results reached to, that lasted long years. in the modern technology was used refered to the embryo’s three stages in the mother’s belly when Allah he exalated says :(He created you (all) from a single Person: then created, of like nature, his mate; and He sent down for you eight head of cattle in pairs: He makes you, in the wombs of your mothers, in stages, one after another, in three veils of darkness. Such is Allah, your Lord and Cherisher: to Him belongs (all) dominion. There is no god but He: then how are ye turned away (from your true Centre)) SURAH 39: AL ZUMAR(6)the previous miraclous of the holy Qur’an and the noble hadith (prophetic traditioned ) prodigy astonished many of the master scientist of our era, among then the professor Ket Mor, the embrology’s prof. in the American Univ. and the auther of the most famous book about the embryo in the world he said : your prophet Muhammed (PBUH) was simple and unlettered human, he lived in the seventh century, that is in time the embrology hasnt got basis or news and there wasnt microscope ever and the optics wasnt discovered yet, so from where he has this perplexing scientism ?? how did he watchs the merger between the man’s semen and the femals ?? and how did he know that in the man’s semen and in the woman’s one (2)  Dr Moor asked Sheikh Abd Almajeed Alzandany to write the introduction of his book ” the developing human ” which considers one of the ost books in embryology and is translated to eight scientism language and the Sheikh did as the holy Qur’an was told (3)

The placenta:The machine you see in the picture is one of the medicine machines and it is the medernest mechanism in the world, i is the necessary pick up unit life to the patients in the intensive care but at the time of comparing this mechanism which filling a room with another superios machine we will see the extent of huge variance between them. the superior system is the placenta which surrounds the embryo by all directions and competes his needs and do all these tasks in one time and hyperphisical design safes the baby’s and the mother’s life together.the placenta’s forming cells knows among millions of cells in the mother’s belly the nutrition molecules which the embryo will need and lead them to him and the other placenta’s tasks is protecting the embryo. The defence cells which in the mother’s belly heads so the womb in order to not be exposure to the offence. But the cells where is in the starting of the external layer of the placenta form a sort of purifiers among the blood veins of the mother and the embryo, during allowing the nutrition to pass, they prevent the passing of the defence system cells. If you give the thinking task about the embryo’s needs and their competence not to the placenta but to a human the embryo will not live more than few minutes, because no mechanism that the humans owns can computate the embryo’s charges needs and cannot compete those needs. The only motion which can do this processes the placenta. this superior mechanism to the piece of the meat named by placenta clarifies to us again the prefection of Allah’s creation …… (Glory to Allah the greatest ) . The umbilical chord saves the corelation between the mother’s body and the embryo’s which been cut and thrown after the parturation, was having a life task during the nineth month is a truth geometric miracle.  inside this chord three disunited lines, one carrys the oxygen nutrition to the embryo in an environment full of liquids and his lungs full of water he doesnt die from the hang also he doesnt eat and his digestive system didnt form yet may these two basic things are given to him through the mother’s belly.however the cords other two lines hurle the de trop of food and water the embryo products from his body. the mother and the embryo who grow inside her has no knowing about all these system but Allah (glory is to him ) created all the arrangements also to safe the embryo’s life in a perfect shape.

 The result along the months passing : The baby in bmother’s belly grows and takes a shape, he reaches to a case he can move and live in the outer world, the final stages role comes as that is the parturation. but there is a great danger rests waiting for the baby who is inside mother’s belly.  The baby will be born from the mother’s womb passing the bones of the pelvis and that is very dangerous because that will mate the baby’s child during the parturation in these bottleneck demesne and that will make pressure on his skull but very special arrangements has been been to protect the child’s health.  The babys skull bones are mushy, didnt weld together opposite the adult and by vitue of that the bones are stretched specific quantity during the parturation which make spaces among the bones, prevents the skulls are ruin and the baby has been born in right parturation without harming the skull and the cerebrum. In the next months the heads skull will crue and the baby continues his life in right way. These events which are clarified in the book passed by all the people who have lived on the earth. we see that all people were created from sample semen have been throwed in the mother’s womb and vetue of these special conditions it has unioned with ovum, the life started by just one cell and thinking about this truth is duty on every human, it is also your task to think … how did you exist ?? and thank Allah your great creator and dont forget that Allah who created our bodies once will return creation after our death again anad that is is either for him and will hold reposible us on his graces he granted to us what did we do by ?? but who deny they creations truth by forgetting Allah (The greatest) and the beyonds are erroneous a great falt and Allah (glory to Him) reminds people like those in the holy Qur’an by saying : (Doth not man see that it is We Who created him from sperm? yet behold he (stands forth) as an open adversary.*And he makes comparisons for Us, and forgets his own (Origin and) Creation: he says, Who can give life to (dry) bones and decomposed ones (at that)?*Say, He will give them life Who created them for the first time. For He is well versed in every kind of creation.)(SURAH  YA SIN)(78.79).Allah said: ” Will We show them Our Miracles in horizons, and within themselves, until it becomes quite clear to them that this is the Truth. Is it not sufficient as regards your God that He is witness over all things”

Written by      : Feras Nour Al-Hak
Translated by :
Gihan Salah Rashed  & Noha Salah RashedThe scientific resources :
- The book of : The miraclous from Allah in the human’s creation        by:  Harun Yahia
-  Dr. Muhammed Nabil Al- Nashwaty -The emam site on the internet .
- The scientific type . the human creation Arabizated by El- Duha for media
  production , produced and prepared by Haron Yahia international organisation
(1) The book of the miraclous from Allah in the human’s creation page no. 23.
The book of the miraclous from Allah in the human’s creation page no. 23.
The emam site on the internet



Allah said: ” Will We show them Our Miracles in horizons, and within themselves, until it becomes quite clear to them that this is the Truth. Is it not sufficient as regards your God that He is witness over all things”/ quran/ 41 / 53/ Surat Fussilat

(There is) None worthy of worship Except Allah. Muhammad is Messenger of ALLAH


The healing Power of Koran: Between Science and Faith



By Abd AL Da’em Al-Kheel

translatet by Bayan Taleb

Revised by Magdy Abd Al_shafy


There are many cases cured every day by reciting the Koran; we cannot deny that because recovery does happen; it happened to me when I was reciting specific verses for a specific illness and the illness was cured!

Koran Healing is a critical issue which wasn’t given enough study or research, so I thought about starting this journey and asked Allah to guide me, give me the useful knowledge, show me the right and help me do it, and show me the wrong and help me avoid it. One of the most important fruits of this research, which continued for years, was that I came out with an important result: Allah had put in every verse of the Koran a healing power for a certain disease if this verse was recited for a specific number of times.

In the beginning

When we contemplate on the universe around us, we notice that every single atom is vibrating in a specific frequency, whether this atom is part of metal, water, cell, or anything else. So every thing in this universe is vibrating, this is a given scientific fact. .

The basic structure of the universe is the atom, and the basic structure of our bodies is the cell; each cell is made of billions of atoms and each atom is made of a positive nucleus and negative electrons rotating around it; because of this rotation, an electromagnetic field is generated similar to fields generated by an engine.



The atom is the basic structure in the universe and in our bodies; it is constantly vibrating which means that every thing is vibrating according to a precise system. Cells vibrate in a precise system, and any vibration around us affects our cells.

The secret that makes our brain think is an accurate program inside the brain cells; this program is inside every cell doing its task precisely; the smallest defect in its job would cause imbalance and disorder of some of the body parts; the best cure for this imbalance is to restore balance to the body. Scientists discovered that body cells are affected by various vibrations such as light waves, radio waves, sound waves etc. But what is sound?

Each cell in our body vibrates in a precise system, and the smallest change in this vibration would mean an illness of some part of the body. That’s why these damaged cells should be vibrated to restore balance to them.

We know that the sound is made of waves or vibrations moving in the air in about 340m/sec. Each sound has its own frequency, and human can hear from 20 frequencies per second to 20000 frequencies per second (1). These waves spread in the air and then get received by the ear, then turn into electrical signals and move along the acoustic nerve towards the acoustic bark in the brain; the cells correspond to the waves and move into the various parts of the brain especially the frontal part; all these parts work together corresponding to the signals and translating them to a language the human understands. Thus, the brain analyses the signals and gives its orders to the various body parts to correspond to these signals.


The sound is made of mechanic vibrations that reach the ear then the brain cells which correspond to these vibrations and change their own vibration; that’s why the sound is considered an effective healing power depending on the nature of the sound and its frequencies. We find the healing power in the Koran because it is the book of Allah.

From here came sound therapy; the sound is a vibration, and body cells are vibrating, then the sound influences these cells. This is what researchers discovered recently; in Washington University late in the twentieth century, scientists found that the job of a brain cell is not just to transfer information, each cell is a small computer working on collecting information, processing it, and giving orders continuously round the clock. Ellen Covey, a researcher in Washington University, says that it is the first time that we realize that the brain does not work as a big computer, but it contains a huge number of computers working in a cooperative way, there is a small computer in each cell, and these computers are affected by the vibrations around them, especially the sound (2).

Experiments show that inside each cell in the brain there is a tiny computer which Allah deposited an accurate program that directs the cell and controls its work. They also show that the sound affects the cell; this is a picture of a cell getting affected by a sound and an electromagnetic field is being formed around it.

Thus, we can say that the cells of each body part vibrate in a specific frequency, and form a complicated and coordinated system that is affected by any sound around it. So, any disease affecting any part of the body will cause a change in the vibration of this part’s cells and thus causing it to deviate from the general body system affecting the whole body. This is why, when the body is exposed to a specific sound, this sound influences the vibration system of body and especially the irregular part; this part would respond to specific sounds to restore its original vibration system or, in other words, to restore its healthy condition. Scientists discovered these results recently.

What is the story of this science (the sound therapy)?

Sound therapy story:

Alfred Tomatis, a French doctor, made experiments for fifty years about the human senses and came out with the result that the hearing sense is the most important sense!! He found that the ear controls the whole body, regulates its vital operations and the balance and coordination of its movements; he also found that the ear controls the nervous system!

During his experiments, he found that the hearing nerves connect with all body muscles and this is the reason why the balance and flexibility of the body and the sight sense get affected by sounds. The inner ear is connected with all the body parts such as the heart, lungs, liver, stomach, and the intestines; this explains why sound frequencies affect the whole body (3).

In 1960, the Swiss scientist Hans Jenny found that the sound affects the various materials and reform their particulars, and that each cell of the body has its own sound and gets affected by the sounds and rearranges the material inside it (4). In 1974, the researchers Fabien Maman and Sternheimer made an astonishing discovery; they found that each part of the body has its own vibration system, subject to physics laws. A few years later, Fabien and Grimal, another researcher, discovered that sound affects cells especially cancer cells, and that certain sounds had stronger effect; the strange thing the two researchers found was that the sound that had the strongest effect on body cells is the sound of the human himself!!

The sound moves from the ear to the brain and affects the brain cells; scientists recently found that the sound has a strange healing power and an amazing effect of the brain cells which work on restoring the balance to the whole body! Reciting Koran has an astonishing effect on these cells and is capable of restoring their balance; the brain is the organ that controls the body and from it the orders comes to the rest of the body organs especially the immune system.

Fabian, a scientist and musician, put blood cells from a healthy body and exposed them to various sounds; he found that each note of the musical scale affects the electromagnetic field of the cell; when photographing this cell with Kirlian camera, he found out that the shape and value of the electromagnetic field of the cell change according to the sound frequencies and the sound type of the reader. Then he made another experiment taking a blood drop from one of the patients, and then he monitored the drop with Kirlian camera and asked the patient to make various notes. He found, after processing the pictures, that on a specific note the blood drop changes its electromagnetic field and fully vibrates responding to its owner. He thus concluded that there are specific notes that affect the body cells and make them more vital and active, even regenerates them. He came out with an important result: The human sound has a powerful and unique influence over body cells; this influence is not found in any other instrument. This researcher said literally:

“The human sound has a special spiritual ring making it the most powerful healing device (5). Fabien found that some sounds easily explode the cancerous cell, and at the same time activate the healthy cell. The sound affects human blood cells which transfer the frequencies of this sound to the whole body through the blood circulation”.

A cancerous cell exploded by using sound frequencies only!! That’s why reciting the Koran has a great impact on treating the most danger cancers and incurable diseases!

But is this influence limited only to cells? It became clear that sound affects everything around us. This is what Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, proved in his experiments on water; he found that the electromagnetic field of water molecules is highly affected by the sound, and that there are specific tones that affect these molecules and make them more regular. If we remember that the human body is 70% water, then the sound the human hears affects the regularity of water molecules in the cells and the way these molecules vibrate, thus affects his healing (6). Different researchers confirm that the human sound could heal many diseases including cancer (7). Sound therapists also confirm that there are certain sounds that are more effective and have a healing power especially in increasing the immune system efficiency (8).

Water molecules shape changes when exposed to sound; thus, sound greatly affects the water we drink. If you recite the Koran on water, its characteristics would change and it would carry the Koran effect to every cell in the body causing them to heal !In the picture, we see a frozen water molecule; the electromagnetic field around this molecule changes continuously because of the sound effect.

How Koran heals?

Now, let’s ask the important question: what happen inside body cells and how does sound cure? How does this sound affect the damaged cells and restore their balance? In other words, what is the mechanism of healing?

Doctors are constantly looking for means to destroy some virus; if we think about the mechanism of this virus, what moves it and makes it recognize its way to the cell? Who gave the virus the information stored within which enables it to attack the cells and multiply inside? What moves the cells against this virus to destroy it while stand helpless in front of another virus?

Viruses and germs also vibrate and are highly affected by sound vibrations especially the Koran sound; it stops them and at the same time increases the activity of the healthy cells and revives the disrupted program inside so to become ready to fight viruses and germs.

The Koran recitation is made of a group of frequencies that reach the ear then move to the brain cells and affect them through the electronic fields these frequencies generate in these cells; the cells would respond to these fields and modify their vibrations, this change in the vibration is what we fell and understand after experience and repetition.

It is the natural system that Allah gave to the brain cells, it is the natural balance system; this is what Allah told us in the holy Koran: (Allah’s handiwork according to the pattern on which he has made mankind: No change let there be in the work (wrought) by Allah: that is the straight religion, but most of men know not) (Al-Rum, 30).

A real picture of a blood cell that was exposed to the sound and started changing the electromagnetic field around it; the sound of the Koran changes the information this cell carries and makes it more capable of fighting viruses and the defect Resulting from malignant diseases.

What are the healing verses?

Dear reader, each verse of the Koran has an amazing healing power for a specific disease; what is confirmed is that the Prophet, Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him, focused on specific chapters and verses, such as reading Al-Fatiha seven times, Al-Kursi verse (verse number 255 in Al-Bakara chapter), the last two verses of Al-Bakara Chapter, and the last three chapters of the Koran.

But the whole Koran heals; you can, dear brother, read the verses that you hope to cure your illness. For example, if you feel upset, focus your reading on Al-Sharh chapter (Have We not opened your breast for you); if you have a sever headache, read: (Had We sent down this Koran on a mountain, you would surely have seen it humbling itself and rending asunder by the fear of Allah. Such are the parables which We put forward to mankind that they may reflect) (Al-Hashr, 21); if you are suffering from pimples, warts, or skin problems then read: (then it is struck with a fiery whirlwind, so that it is burnt) (Al-Baqarah, 266).

If you are afraid, keep repeating Korish chapter, especially the verse: (and has made them safe from fear) (Korish, 4). A strong cure of depression is the repetition of these verses from the Holy Koran: (O mankind! There has come to you a good advice from your Lord (the Koran) and a healing for the diseases in your breasts, a guidance and a mercy for the believers* Say: “In the Bounty of Allah, and in His Mercy (i.e. Islam and the Koran); therein let them rejoice.” That is better than what (the wealth) they amass) (Yunus, 57-58).

The greatest prophet peace be upon him used to say hundreds of supplications every day, do you think he was doing it in vain? He was asking Allah to protect him from evil, including diseases. You can say the supplication that protect you from diseases every day: (I seek refuge in Allah’s perfect words that are obeyed by the faithful and the immoral from all that He created, made in earth and originated from it, from all that come from heaven and ascend into it, from the seductions of the day and the night, and from the night and day visitors except those who bring good, O you most Gracious). Don’t you agree with me that this great prophetic supplication is the best protector from any disease?

Thus, dear brothers and sisters, you can find in the Koran and Sunnah a cure for any disease whether psychological or physical; it is preferred to read the verses in a loud voice so to make your body cells get affected by the sound of the Koran, and to focus on the sick part and imagine that Allah has cured it; repeat these verses and start each time with Al-Fatiha and finish with Al-Falaq and Al-Nas. You can also ask for the verses that are relevant for your disease.

O Allah, make the Koran our cure for every disease.


By: Abed Aldaem Kaheel.


(1) the sound frequencies are measured by hertz, which is a measurement meaning one vibration each second; these sound frequencies are different from one human to another and according to what the human is saying.

(2) Joel Schwarz, How little gray cells process sound: they’re really a series of computers, University of Washington, Nov. 21, 1997.

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Allah said: ” Will We show them Our Miracles in horizons, and within themselves, until it becomes quite clear to them that this is the Truth. Is it not sufficient as regards your God that He is witness over all things”

There is no God except Allah > Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah




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